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Hi everyone! Just want to share a pin business my friend just made!

She just started and I want to try and give her a small boost! So if you like cats and cat pins please share it around or make a purchase! Every pin donates a dollar to the Toronto cat rescue! Here is a link to her Instagram as well!

Thanks everyone! Any help is appreciated!

Finally, for the first time, I did yeaarly summary of art. Results are unsatisfying .-.

pal asked me to make stabdads!AU gr8 again, so I drew Bronya as Crow's daughter
and proud of it

20GB+ of completely free reference photos. Use 'em for commercial or personal projects. No attribution required.

Cyrillic, minor friendsim spoilers 

Email auto-reply message: "Thank you for your email. Technically I'm still in the office but I have Vacation Brain so good luck with my reply. If this is urgent please contact the January version of me."

Finally done with this!!! A fanart of @shuuzaar's OC Fëhar that I started for the thingie over twitter. It got a bit out of control and I chipped away at it little by little over the past days!
Here you can see shuu’s initial post on twitter:

hiveswap spoiler under CW
so, Prospit+Time is legit sign for MSPA reaader

@drequivalent Это Тризза, фуксия-наследница из хайвсвопов

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