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Hello folks. I quess it's never too late for the post.

I used to be a journalist, then I took an arrow in the knee and stuck up with back office of some Russian commercial bank in Moscow. Sometimes I draw things, so I just put them in here. Hope you enjoy them! :pixelfed:

main aliases: crowcounter, eveginnseng

Для того, чтобы выпендриться в , был выкопан мой самый первый акк на девианте.
Кто-то растёт, кто-то меняется, а я со времён получения первого граф. планшета рисую только стремные портреты людей.

homestuck meat 

and now when Dirk's true identity is revealed I can draw him as long and made of ttriangles as I want

Yay! I've finished something from [unfinished] folder!
Feels like defeating a boss monster:3

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