My butt has been getting kicked all month by school.............

Here's some previews for a secret comic project.

I'm gonna print this on a tapestry to use for my schools BFA show!

(Then decorate my room with it and/or use it as a blanket when I'm home all day)

and maybe make a story about this character one day idk

Finished the packaging on my pins for comiccon this weekend!

they're gonna be in my shop til Friday
(and then back on Monday if i have any left)

I finished sketching out ch 4! (it's gonna b 64 pages total)

I'm spending more time on the rendering than I normally do, BUT I have a good feeling it'll turn out nice >_0

I'm slowly getting chapter 4 sketched out. I'm up to page 28 so far.

I still gotta finish the Wolf's Rain pic I started but .. slowly compiling a small collection of prints for comiccon next month πŸ‘€

# fanart

My webcomic, Fallen, updated today!
Gonna try to post updates on here from now on >_<)
(smackjeeves is a little behind because of backlog..)

Made a header for Tapas thats way more relevant to the current chapters aesthetics/themes..
πŸ‘€ πŸ˜‡

of a print

Gonna be doing a con with a friend next month so theres gonna be more fanart wips as time goes on!

I've currently got a up on Tapas!
Each chapter I play with a different style, but it's all the same story/characters.

Ch 3 is queued up atm, which is when things really start to happen :3c

I'm not good at summarizing my own work, but content warnings include: language, blood, violence, nudity, and cult activities.


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