hey Mastodon! im trying to finalize one character design and cant decide on the hair color.. help me out! You can comment on vote in a poll:

@crimsontentacles she looks great with all three actually! I like the structure on the red hair, the others are a bit flat

@MightyPork yeah, I did the sketching in like 10 minutes or so so the shading is kinda unfinished x) im im stuck between ginger and red myself ;D

@crimsontentacles i voted ginger!
which gives you the opportunity to bless 'em with freckles ;D


Like #1 for "daily wear", but think #2 would look good on party nights!

@crimsontentacles I liked auburn bc you still get some value contrast with the skin tone and a nicely complimentary hue that will allow for some lovely dress-up options.

Also I really like auburn hair.

@crimsontentacles All three are super cute, sorry that’s no help. Though the character might well change their hair color as often as some of my co-workers, weekly or even daily!

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