Hey Tooters! Are you workin on anything in this before-christmas time?

@crimsontentacles I'm sketching comic pages in between cooking and stuff like cleaning up the fridge and honestly, Im loosing sanity points.
What about you?

@he_xie I finally have some time do do personal art so im sketching like crazy before I leave for no-internet land ;D

@Algot @he_xie funny thing is, I suck big y=time at traditional art... will try for sure but the results may vary xD

@crimsontentacles @he_xie

Practice...They say that is the key.

Though...shaky hands here don't help. Makes me shy to even doodle!


@crimsontentacles hhhhh same, its just, ive tried some oil painting this summer and only thing i could think of was "i could do it 10 times faster in photoshop why am i doing this to myself"
But its cool to get your hands dirty and stuff. Thats the part I like

@crimsontentacles hola~
I got a zine piece to finish tonight and I really want to complete my comic's first chapter before the year ends


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