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Alq @crimsontentacles

Hello all new friends!
When you join .ART some active artists are automatically added to your follow list so your Home timeline is not sad and empty in the beginning. I even might be one of them!
Feel free to unfollow those people - no hard feelings! This is your space and you are to chose what is on it and what's not! Have fun~

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(I feel like I should toot it from time to time bc these auto follows confused me a lot on my first day lmao)

Thank you actually I was curious about that when I joined too haha

@crimsontentacles Ah, this was very helpful! Thank you!


Would you believe I can't join .ART because my computer balks and tells me it's "unsafe" or some weirdness? I'm not computer-savvy enough to tell you why, either. 😳

@amylsacks what a bunch of bullshit! .ART is probably the safest place of the entire internet (unless you're scared of talented people). Tell your computer that its dumb! 😋

@crimsontentacles Well I'M sure scared but my computer's supposed to be the better person, and--- Oh, wait. 😉