Hello all new friends!
When you join .ART some active artists are automatically added to your follow list so your Home timeline is not sad and empty in the beginning. I even might be one of them!
Feel free to unfollow those people - no hard feelings! This is your space and you are to chose what is on it and what's not! Have fun~

(I feel like I should toot it from time to time bc these auto follows confused me a lot on my first day lmao)

Thank you actually I was curious about that when I joined too haha


Would you believe I can't join .ART because my computer balks and tells me it's "unsafe" or some weirdness? I'm not computer-savvy enough to tell you why, either. 😳

@amylsacks what a bunch of bullshit! .ART is probably the safest place of the entire internet (unless you're scared of talented people). Tell your computer that its dumb! 😋

@crimsontentacles Well I'M sure scared but my computer's supposed to be the better person, and--- Oh, wait. 😉

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