I see people being like "I dont want to flood the timeline with..."
LISTEN. I am here to see all your art, even your silly sketches. I am here for reading your work rants, your video game excitement, what you had for dinner, all y'all personalities. It's not bothering me, I LIVE FOR THIS

@crimsontentacles real actual people that have something to say and show: i dont wanna flood the timeline
some bot: *posts the same goddamn post every 30 seconds on all the timelines*

@crimsontentacles god, same. like, tell me about your lives my friends cause mine is boring lmao

@crimsontentacles The loss of this is what has made my other social media accounts so depressing. Bring back silly. PLEASE.

@crimsontentacles I needed to see this today. Was worried I was spamming people by saying "this is what I draw and this is what I write and my book comes out and i'm nervous as hell because of all these things I make ahhh."

I'll try to not be so nervous regarding posting stuff!

@NeilaK20 thats right, just chill and have fun! thats why we're all here for ;D

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