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or listen to them I think they can even be found on youtube

I really like character design in Almost A Hero so I sketched Vexx <3 the tiny pic is the original art from the game!

Also I did this thing! I used the opportunity when my clothes were not 100% all black everything lmao

I know its no news or anything excited but

i'm tired


Again my boss is like "the game fails because its not prety enough" and I look at some mobile games that have over 10 mil downloads and

are you sure that grapics are the problem


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The kirin pins I designed finally arrived and they turned out great! Preorders have been sent out and there’s a limited quantity left for sale in my shop, you can find them in either charcoal or teal here:

Thanks to my Patrons for all their support, this pin was a reward goal and I couldn’t have made it without their help!

I promised myself to work with more interesting shapes and lightning this year, so here we go!

Damn I wish we could at least change the visibility after posting a toot >.< :lies_down:

Hey friends, can you recommend me some nice planners you're using? I need:
*Day-per-page view
*Sturdy cover
*Sum pockets

Also I forgot that half of the people are sill on vacation today, WELP, at least its silent

The biggest feeling of acomplishment I have is when I write something in a company slack and hear a choked laughter somewhere in the office a second later

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I'm so hyped ever since I saw Episode VIII I don't even know why XD
And don't even get me started on Reylo. Oh boy.

I didnt do much arting but managed to draw this self-indulgent piece of my Rarest of Rarepairs

I rested well during Christmas break and im ready to beat 2018 to the ground ;3

hey Mastodon! im trying to finalize one character design and cant decide on the hair color.. help me out! You can comment on vote in a poll:

she's a typical hunter, shooting faster than thinking and happily causing mayhem, he's a warlock that would rather study the old data than kill aliens (but still is pretty handy with his sniper rifle)

also Eloise's Ghost is named Glitter and has a bow, what about it

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my Desting children, Eloise the human Hunter and Keldrac the awoken Warlock <3 they are like siblings with totally different personalities

Hey Tooters! Are you workin on anything in this before-christmas time?

wanted to do some quick painting to remind myself how to do it... this time my variation of Cala Maria from Cuphead <3

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