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hello comrades!! just a little post to link my etsy:
I'm a small canadian online business,
I make jewelry, accessories, paper crafts, and more! ✨

@creativegoth UPDATE: I was able to get groceries !! thank you so much for helping me out♥️ you guys are awesome

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laundry day selfie (fuck i forgot to set a timer on my phone again)

Wow, Canadian are the most left off by government in the pandemic...
New surveys states that we Canadians are the ones who got the most screwed over financially and received the least financial help from our government.

Way to go, Canada, way to go

sorry i have to do this but can anybody help a homie out, i need money for groceries so i have things to eat this month😭😭 job transitioning is hitting me hard and i'm left with nothing, anything helps thank u♥️

depop sellers be like please buy these unreal gorgeous absolutely stunning rare jeans that i hate !!

Happy Christian-co-opted Pagan Festival Day! 🐣

immature lewd, kink, blasphemy 

me, teasing jesus with a lapdance: ooh, he is risen

:420: YCH avatars are back!

Get yourself an av to celebrate the chillest day of the year!

:cannabis_leaf: Only $20 USD! :cannabis_leaf:

:gay_weed: Unlimited slots!
:gay_weed: Flat color only, simple color background!
:gay_weed: Any character/species!

Use the form below to reserve a slot!

examples! (cw - depictions of drug use/weed)

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