tbh im just gonna close my etsy down for good i make no mf sales it's a waste and hella depressing ✌️

maybe i'd end up with a gf and not a bf if girls would swipe right on me 😭😭😭😭 smfh, guys are too easy i want GORLFRIEND

hi everyone i kinda took a break from commissions the past few weeks, but it turns out i still need money lmao. commissions and shop orders pay for all my trans bills, basically. if you want an avatar or anything hmu, and check out my shop for stickers and other little things! 🖤


@StrawberryShortcake that's crazy because i unblocked said person but hanging it over my head in a condescending manner assures me i never want to be your friend so !! very cool

i'm a soul factory
don't you wanna make sweet and tender love to me?
i'm a dream weaving man
don't you wanna be my friend?
🩸 :black_sparkling_heart: 🌙

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