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The absolute joy of a comfy pillow 🥲🛌☁️

Ugh fine ok there’s a second poll on these: 🍇🥤💙

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Ok I’m drinking a banana milk coffee. What’s YOUR favorite fake fruit flavor?

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Which dinosaur has the best fashion? COMMENT BELOW WITH ALL THE COOL ONES YOU LIKE or whatever 🥺

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You need to stop at a nearby store to pick something up. Time’s not an issue, so what’s your preferred mode of travel?

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I have the ENTIRE DAY off! But can’t leave my room. So time for FAVORITE THINGS POLLS:

Prepare yourself; I’m going to be tweeting about candy for the next month

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No piñatas were hurt in the eating of these tiny cola bottles.

The cool thing about LA County is that fancy coffee at the airports is just regular price.

It's like Jeff Goldblum always says — Spending money, uh, finds a way. 💸

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