This year, I'm letting make my Christmas list:

I thought the hardest part of making a short film would be making the short film but now I need to NAME it?? This is agony.

Fairy Godmother: *slaps roof of pumpkin*
This baby can fit so much magic in it.

Geeking out over this collection 😭 This show is so good. THANKS NETFLIX FAM.

Macy’s should not have forced Augmented Reality balloons onto us in the year of our Lord 2020.

All I wanted was to apply some sunscreen, but now I have to join Count Olaf’s acting troupe as one half of the pale faced ladies. This sunscreen will NOT rub in 😱

Although technically is a "red head" because he has red ears, so he's my REAL favorite.

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I love dogs. My childhood dream probably was to have a big internet forum where people would talk about books and dogs.

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A list of dogs that are already red that only have to be made big for America's most-loved kaiju, Clifford:

When you see a large potato-like vegetable: "Oh lawd, jicama"

Last night I had a dream that the last Star Wars film was terrible. Good thing it was just a dream... ha...haha...hahaha

Just found out the dirt lot near our apartment is “Burbank Indigenous Park” and I’m 🤨

Yes it is probably’s fault, now that you mention it

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Any other UGA grads always secretly thinking about Cali n Tito’s?

Thrilled to realize it’s once again season

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