Practing ukulele because my nephews have already surpassed me musically and I need to catch back up a little.

Update: literally can't honor their dishwasher extended warranties in KY because no company here deals with them, and now I'm going to have to replace my dishwasher for an issue that should be covered.
I'm not disappointed; I'm angry.

When I cook steak on the grill: superb, perfect grill marks, chef’s kiss
When I cook steak inside: so much smoke, I might as well have brought the grill into the kitchen

Tired: angsty boy apologizing in the rain
Inspired: grocery store employees heroically loading my car in the rain

My cousin will be in the hospital all month fighting cancer. I’d love for you to share some love by sharing or buying his book, Songs We Keep in the Forest!

Let me go ahead and preorder’s AND’s books because whatever they write has gotta be worth reading

I’m either going to learn to fix plumbing problems myself or get so strong I can tear my bathtub and dishwasher out of the walls myself SO HELP ME PLUMBER BETTER SHOW UP SOON

My neighbor the cat is delightful. She accompanied me on my entire walk tonight.

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Is it me surrrounding myself with glasses to encourage better hyrdration, or an Adele music video?

Slowly circling the Chick-Fil-A drive thru like a quarter in those spiral wishing-well funnels at a ‘90s McDonalds.

Lee Pace in Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day, am I right?

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