Got my flu shot! I am right-handed so I picked my left arm for the shot — but I sleep on my left arm so just know I sacrificed a lot to help keep y’all safe 😖😝

Reading’s new book PET THAT DOG. I know it’s everything I would’ve wanted in a book growing up because it’s still everything I want in a book now. Laughing so hard at the suggestion that my dog should name any future pet Cupcake Sausage Floofenbutt.

When payday’s a week away but a lot of great books are up for preorder:

Guess which movie we’re watching first this weekend (it’s kinda a vote-on-what-we-watch but also I make no promises)

So encouraged by the support of during this awful time for him, too. Thankful for friends who check on friends. Get well soon.

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My cousin has been in and out of the hospital for MONTHS, receiving cancer treatments alone. He's a musician and an animal lover and a writer and so much you love to see. He made my favorite winter headband. I wish there was more I could do here, too.

Show thread and his wife moved to a new place around the same time as me and my husband, and both of us had to make unexpected trips to the ER during it. But I can't fathom what you and Jordan are going through. I wish I could do more than share:

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Been thinking a lot about the people in my (online and real) community going through hard things right now. ❤️ you all.

Watched the season 3 Darkwing episodes so now we’re watching the original Darkwing Duck pilot

My friend reminded me that it’s Halloween costume crunch time 🙈

Ugh I can’t believe I, a passive Braves fan, have to live in Dodgers land after this.

For Christians, to be who God calls us to be, we will sometimes have to live in opposition to the unhealthy habits we learned when we were younger. We didn’t all have good examples of being healthy adults. That’s why we need something to run toward instead of what to run from.

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Listening to South Hills Burbank talk about living by design instead of by default. What does it look like to make intentional choices to live the way we really want rather than following along with outside influences?

Gonna see Clue at the Zoo (and Boo-tanical Gardens).

Reasons my dog is actually the mermaid princess Ariel:
-“I want to be where the people are.”
-wishes for (longer) legs
-obsessed with strangers
-doesn’t know the actual name of any item
-v curious

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