Lol The Great Ace Attorney Says Women’s Rights! (To be overrepresented as murderers).

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Wait ok why aren’t there more shows about people who want to coach high school teams? Maybe someone who ENJOYS IT EVEN?

Can’t wait to make my contribution to the Burbank youths tomorrow.

His greatest (and most terrible) accomplishment was being banned from work just two hours after arriving. The FOMO is too strong. He cute tho.

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This year Tibbs has learned to sing; popped two soccer balls; made lots of new friends that are sometimes actually old friends he forgot; and reluctantly shared the couch with Tulip.

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When texts me my coffee’s out for delivery:

Normalize going back in time to stop yourself from picking up sports injuries thx

Beat my first Ace Attorney case. Let’s hope all the characters can hydrate properly after that sweaty ordeal.

Awarding myself lifetime achievement honors because I didn’t get lost at this time.

Yeah I’m from Kentucky and I love KFC!

Log in.
See that the Wordle today is still not FARTS.
Logs back off.

Me, trying to impress the dentist with my knowledge of dental equipment: “Is that a number 3 Robertson head non slip screwdriver, as popularized by hit Netflix animation”

(No, it was not)

Starting to think my dog Tulip is a soccer mom. She freaking loves orange slices.

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