Now if you’re under 10 years old, Lunchables CAN be your hobby (as long as you share with me).

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Still not over the suggestion that “charcuterie” can be a hobby.

An award-winning video game but it’s just the Rapunzel part of Kingdom Hearts III.

I love graphic novels and comics, so WEBTOON is perfect because I never run out.

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My husband, trying to get me to stop ignoring him to read WEBTOONs: “see? Let’s watch this show! ...yes, it’s like a WEBTOON!”

Finally breaking in the new water bottle with some 5-meowmeowbeenz stickers from and a handful of other awesome stickers in need of a home

LinkedIn is down, presumably so they can roll out a new feature soon: LinkedIn After Dark

Unfortunately in a realm where time doesn’t matter, food doesn’t have a 5-second rule

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I updated my shop! check out my inspired t-shirt — and other strange mixtures of pop culture and old books — at

I’m not saying that makes coffee so simple that a dog can do it, but... no one tell my pup that he isn’t the coffee maker in our house. He loves to help.

Kingdom Hearts 3: “it’s OK to feel a little hurt.” Ah, yes, finally an explanation to the gummi ship aspect of these games.

We made all the hilariously 2000s angsty puzzles. Checking “puzzles” off our quarantine bingo 11 months in.

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For instance, the beings created when a body loses its heart (becoming a heartless) should not be called nobodies. It’s more like ALLbodies.

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