Please consider my basic concept for -chan which I promise I will refine and add a lot more details to when I'm not trying to just whip something up in about an hour after looking at a bunch of magical girl art

Une petite magnet vache que j'ai réalisé en céramique et qui colle vachement bien au frigo *-*

@courtney Sounds like you've got an infestation of toilet gnomes.

hey! my commissions are now open!

i'd like to draw ocs/dnd characters/sonas similar to this style for $25+ venmo preffered!

please dm if interested! and boost if you can 💓

I'm riffing on my friend Shing's project to launch the Boat Gnome Mercantile Trading Program. It's a playful, subversive game where you trade trinkets through the mail with a mysterious gnome. Learn more here:

I’ve had to change the toilet paper roll out every day at work this week. WHAT IS GOING ON?

honestly let Sony do what they want as long as what they want includes many many animated Spider-Verse films

(Plus a transparent background to take Tilly with you wherever.)

Make the Big City Greens content you want to see, I always say. -Tilly Wonka

Sometimes you’re the Aunt May, sometimes you’re the Peter tingles.

Oh, football is America's sport? Tell that to Footbaal statue, 600-500 BC, Estruscan, ceramic.

I want coffee AND tea and I'm stressed about it. :oof:

So many new folks joining in the last few days! I feel like I'm racing to catch up!

Let me introduce myself. I'm ellejohara. I've been on Mastodon dot ART for a couple years now. It's a fantastic place to share your work with other art-minded folk. Cozy and friendly and full of talented creative folk, and that's why I love it!

I make a comic called "Threads from the Blue Rock Tapestry" and do a bit of illustration as well.

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