POV: you are my phone and I am binging @webtoonofficial@twitter.com comics:

So, uh, found out I uploaded a photo of cows instead of my storyboard script months ago on Gumroad. Moo’oops!
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Hey Siri, how do I train my dog to find my glasses

The devil works hard but the people who leave unfinished iced coffee inside of stores work harder.

Had a dream about water polo. Now my bird father can tell me the secret ingredient to secret ingredient water polo soup.

Finally got to watch Promare with @ScribbleAddict@twitter.com! Lots of fun! Our other viewers weren’t as impressed (sleepy kittens).

But yeah, the mods are cool too. They’re all good cats, Brent!

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Gently flexing that I don’t need to mod the game to get Stray’s cat to look like my foster kittens.

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Don’t give me that look; it’s too late, HaNeko-kun. You’re already bound for the toilet now.

Can’t stop thinking about if dogs could laugh.

Any show can be an adaptation of the Hulk if you really mess up the color settings on your tv.

The tension between wanting to finish a show and not having any new episodes of that show to watch if you do.

OK Cosmo Jarvis as Barney Snaith in the new Blue Castle film please and thank you

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