It’s been a hard week; my nana is very ill and it’s not fun to not know what to do or be able to help much. I’m glad that I could serve other hurting families tonight 👌🏻 it feels less alone to support others when they’re going through family health issues too.

Lying awake, unable to find rest because has suggested that Spider-Man might wear Vibram toe shoes to get the proper grip on walls.

These incredible Anne Shirley and Diana Barry pins have just a couple of days left to reach funding on Kickstarter. Help me make my dream of owning these pins by come true! 😆😍

Mr. Elton: I would die if you do not accept my marriage proposal.
Emma Woodhouse:

Hi fediverse, do you need a picture of a shiny butt? 🍑 🌟
I think that you do. ❤️


I’m learning the Detective Pikachu dance and nothing will stop me

Gilbert Blithe, showing his children locations significant to his relationship with Anne Shirley: “And this is the quarry where the slate your mom broke over my head was cut...”

Say what you want about Ice Age (not to me, though; I don’t care) but the dodo scene remains an animated classic in its own right.

If you weren’t smart enough to prepare for the ice age, then doom on you!

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