Quick sketch of Lyra and Marina in some cute lingerie. What are they laughing at? Probs their gf's expression lol

Meet Marina!

She's the human of the trio who acts cool 90% of the time, but is actually really easily flustered. Movie-musicals, especially older cheesier ones, are her guilty pleasure.

More WIPs! This time for 2 OCs: Ivy (with the wings) and Marina. I'm still trying to decide if I'm keeping Ivy's hair long or making it short instead so I included both

marked sensitive for visible body parts under unfinished clothes

Meet Lyra!
She's one of a few newer OCs whose designs I'm still working out (and one of the two featured in an earlier WIP I posted). She's a pretty passive person, a very go-with-the-flow type, and prefers to lounge around if no one's dragging her into any plans.

marked sensitive for minimal clothing

Some WIPs in various stages: 2 featuring a pair of OCs and the last a possible header image for my profile :3


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