I've been too tired and too busy to draw, but not enough of either to keep me from starting a few pinterest boards full of body, pose, and clothing references/inspo to pull from when I'm stuck on something

Also finally got a chance to pick up and start reading some of the art books I've got! Currently making my way through Life Drawing for Artists and the Andrew Loomis figure drawing book :D

Meet Marina!

She's the human of the trio who acts cool 90% of the time, but is actually really easily flustered. Movie-musicals, especially older cheesier ones, are her guilty pleasure.

The Book of Boba Fett has had some really gorgeous scenes so far and I think once I get some free time (and after the show's run its course) I'd love to do some screencap redraws or even just use it for quick studies

(also I'm just really ✨ Loving ✨ this show so much! More than i expected to actually!)

More WIPs! This time for 2 OCs: Ivy (with the wings) and Marina. I'm still trying to decide if I'm keeping Ivy's hair long or making it short instead so I included both

marked sensitive for visible body parts under unfinished clothes

I've already drawn more in the first three days of 2022 than i did in probably the last 5 months of 2021 lol

On the one hand I'm exhausted but on the other I'm so excited to finally be getting some of these ideas out of my head 😁

Meet Lyra!
She's one of a few newer OCs whose designs I'm still working out (and one of the two featured in an earlier WIP I posted). She's a pretty passive person, a very go-with-the-flow type, and prefers to lounge around if no one's dragging her into any plans.

marked sensitive for minimal clothing

:o a whole branch (does it count as a branch if it's bigger than me??) snapped under the falling snow's weight and landed in our yard

also it's been snowing for a few hours now and I'm curious how much'll pile up by the time it's done

My tablet's pen is a little messed up after dropping it a few months back so I'll probs clean this up on my desktop eventually rather than fight the extra wobble and other difficulties

made a twitter account for the spicy art I wanna make (but always been too shy to commit to) and for the occasional cross-post
not sure if I immediately regret it or not, but we'll see if i actually put it to use lol
nothing's there yet but here's a link i guess: twitter.com/corrosivespice

Some WIPs in various stages: 2 featuring a pair of OCs and the last a possible header image for my profile :3

Hi, y'all can call me Ro

I'm trying to get back into drawing at least semi-regularly and decided to hop on here to share what I make! I mostly like to draw my own OCs, but there might be a smattering of fanart and studies as I work to improve.

It's nice to meet y'all and I look forward to being involved here :D


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