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Macha from the cast poster that I'm very gradually working on during our daily livestreams. This project has been a real exercise in using expressions to reflect the personalities of the characters, and also in trying to make everyone visually distinct while working within the Corbie house style.

Another small portion of the cast poster we're making on this week's Club Corbie livestreams. This time it's Corinne's father, Carlton Morgan!

Another sneak peek at one of the characters appearing on the cast poster I'm colouring on our Club Corbie livestreams. This time it's Corinne's grandmother and former keeper of the Mystical Sphere of the Badb, Jennifer Morgan!

Experimenting with a more streamlined art style done entirely on Clip Studio Paint on my Surface Pro that would be a lot less fiddly and time consuming than my traditional processes. Let me know if you'd be up for seeing more art like this, perhaps in a series of daily comic strips in the future (and also if you're Team Hiii like Corinne or Team BRUH like Sadie)

Agh! The version of this art posted earlier had a weird transparency error on Corinne's face. Apologies, here's a corrected revision.

Shout-out to the long-time mutual on IG who after my most recent art post immediately unfollowed me. Ouch.

"The Corinne Morgan, Corbie Instagram account is posting pictures of Corinne Morgan again and I have HAD IT."

WIP pencil art for a panel from our ongoing Corbie mini-project. This will be inked and lettered on next week's streams (

Doing something a little different on this weekend - live playthroughs of both DuckTales games! Drop by at 10:00 BST Saturday to see me play the original classic, and then again at the same time on Sunday for the 1993 sequel!

Live on Twitch again this afternoon from 1400-1600 BST. On Monday's stream I was inking an upcoming page from the forthcoming daily Corbie comic strip that will recap the story so far for new readers. There's still work to do though, so on today's stream we'll try and get that page finished! If you'd like to see my process for inking comic art, please drop by and feel free to say hello!

I'll be on Twitch again today from 1400 - 1600 BST for a comic pencilling session! Trying to get five pages of art completed by the end of the week, which I think is just about doable. Will I make it? Tune in to see how it's going!

Live on Twitch in about an hour (at 1400 BST) for the Wednesday edition of Club Corbie. On today's stream I'll be lettering the art from the Monday/Tuesday shows in Clip Studio Paint (and if we have time we might work on the pencils for the next page too!)

Live on Twitch again today at 1400 BST (about an hour from now) for another episode of Club Corbie! On yesterday's stream we inked the first in a new series of daily comic strips - today we'll be cleaning it up in Clip Studio Paint!

Finished the rough pencils for the first in a short series of mini strips recapping the events of "Corbie" issues 1-4. I'll be livestreaming the inking of this page on Twitch at 14:00 BST Monday!

Going live on now as I continue inking the cast of Corbie the old fashioned (non-digital) way! Expect to hear me complain about the lack of Ctrl+Z in real life A LOT...

It's unfair as fuck that Capitalism means you can't make art or politics your whole life. It's unfair as fuck that you may not live to see in real time the beauty/justice you're struggling to make now. But unfairness is baked in and we're all forced to ingest it while we eat to live.

I appreciate you for what you're trying to get done, even when we fight, or when I don't understand it all. I really do. ๐Ÿ’š

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What art and politics have in common: some days it takes all your strength just to nudge a promising thing an inch or a few cms. in the direction you want it to go. You're just one person pushing as hard as you can at one thing. That has to be enough for today since the alternative is no effort and no motion. โ˜ฎ๏ธ

"Corinne Morgan, Corbie" issue 4 has launched today! It's available to read online or to download in PDF / CBZ formats at

This will be the last comic in the current format, but Corbie's adventures will continue. Stay tuned for further updates - I'm looking forward to getting to script some new CMC stories for the first time in a few years!

Less than a week to go to Corbie issue 4 (except for Ko-Fi donors, who can read it now at

This is one of my favourite issue 4 panels. I think I just enjoy drawing Corinne in the Corbie armour minus the helmet, and also her youthful enthusiasm here at getting to be a superhero.

Corinne Morgan, Corbie issue 4, "The Cairns of Auld Tamiragh", is available now as a PDF for all donors to the CMC Ko-Fi page from as little as ยฃ1 (about $1.30)!

This issue is both the last in Corbie's origin arc and the final one in the present format. Full release to non-donors will be on February 1 - I'll post some more previews between now and then to whet your appetite!

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