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finished some art for my kiddo s ;0;; I still cant figure out background

this got approved this morning, so i'm posting it now! c:
another art payment to a toyhouse user in exchange for a design!
the oc was so cute and fun to draw! <3

Second day of . This time Toni who is a Chihuahua. Similar to Luise he's wearing historical clothing from 1600-1800 which I referenced from the Costume Intiute of the Met museum:

Also I played around with color filters. 😄

need to start somewhere on suppliers and pricing for merch?

check out this awesome doc:

it's not comprehensive but it's super informative especially for beginners!

(creator George Rohac linked in the doc - cant see a link to a masto)

Work in progress art from issue 4 of Corbie! Draft pencils are about halfway done now - the plan at the moment is to try and get this issue out in October to mark CMC's first anniversary.

A raging work-in-progress panel of Corbie - one angry bird! I've still got some work to do on the draft pages before I can move on to the finalized pencil art. Fortunately the remaining pages in this issue take place indoors and don't require me to lovingly render any more woodland areas or grassy fields...

back up your bullshit today so if your hard drive crashes you can be back on it tomorrow 😤

Going live on now for the first time in a while! Second half of my Fire Pro WrestleMania VI card where I'm going to play Hogan vs. Warrior on the hardest difficulty setting (and probably lose)

Load the spaceship with the rocketful Hokogan! New video! Unboxing a weird and wonderful bunch of Transformers pieces I recently purchased. The oldest of these items is from 1985, the newest is from 2008. Accessories, full-sized figures and more!

First rough pencil art preview from Corbie issue 4.

Spread the word around

The girls are back in town New video! A timelapse of the colouring process for my Action Master Optimus Prime art. This piece was done in GIMP instead of Photoshop - in the vid I discuss my experience in making the jump! Live on now for my next Fire Pro World playthrough! Tonight I'm doing the first half of WrestleMania VI's card (splitting this one in two as there were a lot of matches on this PPV) New video - Restoring my G1 Action Master Optimus Prime and his Armored Convoy! New stickers, new accessories, and a hip surgery operation that doesn't go entirely according to plan...

Let me know if you'd like to see more vids like this; I'd love to do proper overviews of Action Masters and Euro Classics if there's interest.

Art for an upcoming video on my YouTube channel about Action Master ! This is a homage to the Joustra Diaclone box art for the pre-G1 version of the original Optimus toy.

Going live now on ! Doing something different tonight as I'm reading / critiquing an essay about the cultural impact of the and the odd story of their introduction in Europe as the Teenage Mutant [Hero] Turtles. Going live now on my personal YouTube channel for the first time! I'm playing 1990s WWF special events chronologically in . Tonight it's SNME 25 (Hogan/Warrior's friendship on the rocks)!

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