Here's a small portion of the pencil art for the cover of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie" issue 2. This ended up being the foundation for a digital painting that proved really challenging to get right! "My Teenage Revenge Power Fantasy" will be available online for free on December 22.

Sadie art from around late 2016. A big difference at this point from the final comics is that Anna Dale Academy's uniforms would have been burgundy instead of purple! (Not sure what the motivation was for that choice, but personally I'm glad it was quickly dropped...)

Third teaser image for Corbie issue 2! In "The Power", we saw The IC - Josie, Maxine and Ruby - running roughshod over Corinne and Sadie. Next time, their actions come back to haunt them! How will things play out? Find out on December 22...


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