A quick timelapse vid condensing my process of going from a rough draft comic book page to final pencils - a day's work in sixty seconds!

If you'd like to see more vids like this, please consider subscribing to the Corbie YouTube channel! I'm looking to get back to doing more content on there, from short-form clips like this, to longer how-tos, to livestreams.

"The Many Faces of Corbie, volume 1"! Started experimenting with different expressions as I have some free time on my hands over the holiday period. It's amazing how even tiny alterations to the facial features, especially the mouth and eyebrows, can move you closer or further away from the feeling you're trying to convey.

More unused concept art from the "leggy fashion illustration" period prior to issue 1's production. The basic elements of the Corbie armor were all present at this point, but a few tweaks were made such as changing the helmet's beak to a lighter colour to provide better contrast, and simplification of the midsection.

Concept art for a slightly younger version of Corinne's grandmother, Jennifer Morgan, from 2014! Also pictured is an early concept of what the crystal ball that Corinne (accidentally) inherits from her would look like.

This was drawn on my Galaxy Note 10.1 (2012 version) in the Cloverpaint app. At the time, CP was one of the best art apps going for Android tablets, especially for comics. Most of them would choke if you tried to open a high-res PSD file. ¬_¬

Caw caw caw! Doing close-up art of the crows in issue #1 of Corbie was one of the things I was most nervous about – naturally I didn’t want to drop the ball drawing birds in a comic about a bird superhero! As it turned out, it was actually one of the most fun elements.

Hopefully I can work some more intricate bird art into future issues sooner rather than later.

Sometimes it takes multiple iterations before you land on a character design you’re happy with. These turnarounds of Corinne are from 2012 and were (partially) redrawn and coloured digitally later on. Looking back, I really like this look, but there’s too many tiny details that would have been a pain to draw repeatedly.


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