This is probably a good cross-section of my :

- Transformers UK # 40: My first "proper" comic. My gateway into writing and drawing my own comics as a kid.

- TMNT Adventures I love for the art style and how unapologetically socially conscious it was. A big influence on me as an artist and as a writer.

- Batman: Year One is one of the all-time great superhero comics.

- Giant Days is my fave comic currently in print, can't say enough good things about it!

So yeah, after spending the day recording myself talking into the microphone, I've reached the conclusion that I have a voice suited to a tiny frail Scottish lamb.

"I thought you l-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-e-d meee"

Prepping to record a voice over for a video showing how "Corbie" is coloured. This is completely outside of my comfort zone as I'm one of those people that are mortified at the sound of their own voice.

A very rough first preview of Corbie issue 3's pencils. This will go through a good few more iterations before it's done.

I'm recording myself drawing this issue, which is taking some getting used to. It's funny how seeing my work via monitor as I draw almost feels like a second set of eyes, and highlights issues I otherwise wouldn't have seen.

"Don't you already have this CD?"

"No mom, you idiot! I have City Nites and Quiet Flite and Quiet Nites 2, stupid."

"Oh, I'm sorry honey. We'll take a Nite Flite."

Quiet Storm jams for late night comic making. πŸŒƒπŸ˜ŽπŸŽ΅πŸ‘

Taking the first tentative steps into finding ways to monetize my comic work. Corbie will remain free to read on, but if you'd like to make a contribution to help support it, you can now do so via Ko-fi. Donations of all sizes will be greatly appreciated!

February 7th is Corinne's birthday! (She's still 16, thanks to floating timeline magic). To celebrate, here's some new art from just prior to the events of issue one. Fortunately for us, she didn't take the hint, or "Corinne Morgan, Corbie" would have been a short-lived comic.

4 in the morning and I can't sleep because I'm thinking about the logistics behind Corinne actually suiting up in the Corbie armor and how it works.

"It's about precision, it's about *precision*. Things gotta be pushing other things. Swoosh swoosh swoosh swoosh!"

*** A mini-thread on fixing up dud comic panels ***

Sometimes it's not until you've had some distance between drawing a comic and re-reading it that you spot issues. In the case of Corbie issue 1 it took so long to draw that it was almost a completely different animal by the time I got to the last page.

Top panel is original page 3 art, beneath it is the redo. Read on and I'll point out everything that bugged me and what I did to fix it. (1/6)

Back view of Corbie's character design from pre-issue 1. When everyone received updated model sheets prior to issue 2, only a few minor tweaks were made compared to what you see here, most notably that the "backpack" element of the armor was switched from blue to red.

A glimpse into what goes into the creation of a single panel of Corbie! Or at least, what did - things have changed a bit since this art for page 1 of the first issue was drawn.

Thumbnail stage came first - it was just a very crude pencil doodle to figure out how elements would flow on the page. Finished pencils are also shown here, alongside a redrawn panel that was never used. Finally, a digitally inked version of the panel was drawn in Clip Studio Paint and coloured.

Two of my favorite panels from Corbie issue 2. By this point I felt like everything was starting to gel, and I was getting to grips with how the characters and pages of the comic should look. I also really loved seeing the chemistry between Morrigan and Corinne starting to develop.

Comparison of the scrappy pen sketch that was the first ever illustration of Corbie with how the character looks today.

It doesn't feel fair to compare a scrappy pen doodle to the finished product, but I do find it interesting to look back and see how certain elements of the armour were retained or modified while other aspects were dropped, like the face mask.

A digital version of my inital pencil sketch for the simplified Corbie design from December 2017. Pretty close to the final design used today, although I usually draw the "feathers" that sweep back on the helmet a little longer / spikier than they are here!

Corinne sported several different outfits in CMC issue 2, so multiple model sheets were required. For expediency they all used the same base art and were modified as required. This is the workshop look briefly seen when she's working on building the Corbie armor. Might be my favourite ensemble, and hopefully I'll get to draw it again in the near future...

A panel from issue 2 of Corbie. One of my goals for this go-around was to produce much cleaner, simplified art. By the last few pages though, I kinda fell back into aspirations of being Gene Colan, utilising heavy blacks and hatchwork. It seemed to fit the literal and metaphorical darkening of the scene...

Final set of Corbie expressions drawn over the festive period. Looking forward to getting back into my normal routine and making some progress on the next two issues of CMC this weekend.

Really wanted to commemorate but I only realised it was happening a few days ago, so I had to create this from scratch *very* fast! I'd thought about doing this playful subversion / homage to the famous Mockingbird cover since it was published, but hadn't gone public with Corbie at the time so I had to sit on the idea until now.

Digital redrawing of my initial pencil sketch for Corinne's more streamlined redesign, from exactly one year ago. This was really just me trying to get a feel for how the characters would look, prior to the creation of proper model sheets in the spring. Even now, I still end up going back and making further tweaks here and there to the existing designs as I find better ways of doing things.

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