Final pencils for issue 3 of Corbie were completed on Tuesday afternoon. Scanning and cleanup of the art begins today.

Those last few pages seemed to take forever to redraw and wore me down a bit. Feeling refreshed now and ready to move on to this next stage.

Playing with my new camera setup in OBS Studio. (Hot dang! No more dangling my phone above my desk with hairbands.)

Trying to gauge if there'd be any interest in comic making livestreams. If me and my frail little Scottish lamb voice talking about funny books while I draw them sounds appealing, let me know.

The deed is done.

The last page of rough pencils for Corbie issue 3 was finished late last night. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way it's shaping up. There are a few things I'd like to go back and change, but there's still plenty of scope for making tweaks before this project is done.

Work on the clean pencil art starts today!

I've been working on the rough art for Corbie issue 3 for a few weeks now, and the finish line is almost in sight. Another couple of pages remaining, then it's on to the next step in the production process.

Some of my favourite panels to draw are the ones with Corbie in action or flying around, as well as anything where characters break through the boundaries of the comic panels. Happily, these last few pages check all these boxes.

Here's another little peek at the art for next issue of Corbie. I wanted to have a super productive weekend and get a bunch of pages finished. It didn't happen. Thankfully the few pages that did get done look pretty good IMHO, so there's that...

I was feeling blue last night and struggling to push through with pencilling the next page of the comic, so I decided to switch things up and create some new chalkboard art instead.

Some days I grapple with self-doubt, but I always believe in Corbie, and that having a superhero for introverts / HSPs to identify with is a good "caws". If you'd like to help support it, you can donate to the CMC Ko-Fi at

Highlights from today's Corbie pencilling sessions. Rough art is always subject to change, especially when I drop the ball like I did with the second image. Corinne had removed her helmet during this scene and I accidentally drew her with it on, so now I need to partially redraw it.

Welcome to the wonderful world of sequential art, where you get to manage not just props and wardrobe, but continuity too πŸ˜…

Found this pen doodle of Corinne from... I'm gonna say about 2012... while rummaging around in my desk drawer.

Not super different to how she looks today. The most notable change is that she used to have braided strands of hair above her temples that met up around the back of her head. That element didn't last long as her design was cleaned up / simplified for comics.

The feeling when you realise this comic has nineteen pages and so far you've managed to draw five of 'em

Corinne sports six different outfits throughout Corbie issue 2. This school uniform is one of them, and is unique in that there's little or no parts reuse. Subsequent Corinne model sheets were assembled using her main design as a framework to save time!

Preview art from CMC issue 3. Corbie will face a lot of challenges over the next two issues. Some will be exciting, some will be funny, some will be *serious business*.

Trying to document as much of the production of this issue along the way as I can (in photos and video). I'm conscious that I might be overextending myself, but for now, I'm enjoying putting the work in and making some progress on these pages.

A work in progress panel from tonight's pencilling session for "Corbie" issue 3. Hoping I can really knuckle down this weekend and get at least a few pages though the draft stage. πŸ‘ # webcomics

This is probably a good cross-section of my :

- Transformers UK # 40: My first "proper" comic. My gateway into writing and drawing my own comics as a kid.

- TMNT Adventures I love for the art style and how unapologetically socially conscious it was. A big influence on me as an artist and as a writer.

- Batman: Year One is one of the all-time great superhero comics.

- Giant Days is my fave comic currently in print, can't say enough good things about it!

So yeah, after spending the day recording myself talking into the microphone, I've reached the conclusion that I have a voice suited to a tiny frail Scottish lamb.

"I thought you l-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-e-d meee"

Prepping to record a voice over for a video showing how "Corbie" is coloured. This is completely outside of my comfort zone as I'm one of those people that are mortified at the sound of their own voice.

A very rough first preview of Corbie issue 3's pencils. This will go through a good few more iterations before it's done.

I'm recording myself drawing this issue, which is taking some getting used to. It's funny how seeing my work via monitor as I draw almost feels like a second set of eyes, and highlights issues I otherwise wouldn't have seen.

"Don't you already have this CD?"

"No mom, you idiot! I have City Nites and Quiet Flite and Quiet Nites 2, stupid."

"Oh, I'm sorry honey. We'll take a Nite Flite."

Quiet Storm jams for late night comic making. πŸŒƒπŸ˜ŽπŸŽ΅πŸ‘

Taking the first tentative steps into finding ways to monetize my comic work. Corbie will remain free to read on, but if you'd like to make a contribution to help support it, you can now do so via Ko-fi. Donations of all sizes will be greatly appreciated!

February 7th is Corinne's birthday! (She's still 16, thanks to floating timeline magic). To celebrate, here's some new art from just prior to the events of issue one. Fortunately for us, she didn't take the hint, or "Corinne Morgan, Corbie" would have been a short-lived comic.

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