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It's here! The third issue of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie", The Long Way Back Home, is now available for download and online reading. This one has been a huge undertaking but the end result is (IMHO) the biggest and best issue of CMC so far. I hope you'll enjoy the first Corbiefest of 2019!

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Hi! I'm John Porter. INFJ, enneagram 4, Transformers collector, Xennial. I'm starting an ongoing superhero webcomic for introverts and HSPs called "Corinne Morgan, Corbie". My plan for this account is to share some insights into what I've learned so far. The final Turtlethon entry for season four is up now! "Unidentified Flying Leonardo" is an unconventional swan-song for TMNT's fourth year, with the leader of the Turtles getting caught up in reports of alien abductions in the small town of High Falls. New Turtlethon up today for "The Foot Soldiers Are Revolting"! Shredder and Krang finally fire Rocksteady and Bebop, replacing them with a hyper-intelligent Foot Soldier called Alpha-1. (It doesn't go well for them.)

Next week: Season 4's finale! And then maybe some fun one-off articles before I start covering season 5... 🐢

pro tip, fill them all with fast figure drawings so you don't feel like you're wasting paper A new Turtlethon entry went up today for "Big Bug Blunder"! Shredder drops a group of giant insects and arachnids in New York and it's up to the Turtles to stop them, with the help of special guest star Genghis Frog. This adventure also features a final (and very brief) appearance by the original party robot, Metalhead.

Here's my fist bump to all of those who keep trying, striving for the best that one has within, and to keep fighting even if there are disadvantages.

Keep going, we don't know what will we face in the future, but there are endless possibilities 🔥

First draft of Corbie issue 5's script is done, and as it stands this one is gonna be a daunting 45 pages, easily the biggest single comic project I've ever done. Eep.

The story that begins in issue 5 will continue in issue 6, so I'm gonna move on to writing that now; hopefully I can rein myself in a bit. New Turtlethon up entry up today for "Beyond the Donatello Nebula". Donnie teams up with a shapeshifting lizard alien called Algernon to prevent the Murdoch-esque Hiram Grelch from carrying out a hostile takeover of Channel 6. A fast-paced and engaging adventure featuring guest star Gregg Berger (the voice of Grimlock in the G1 Transformers cartoon).

Aesop's Fable

A bit of a repost from me, because this is a new version with spot black on the crow.

Another round of new (old) CDs added to the collection. All fairly widely available releases in this set from Jamiroquai, Pet Shop Boys, Tom Petty and George Michael.

"Emergency on Planet Earth" is a reissue but clearly the previous owner handled it roughly. "Behaviour" is an original 1990 pressing, but strangely was sealed, and aside from a few scratches on the case looks pristine. Turtlethon 100 is up today for "Raphael Drives 'Em Wild"! The team's wise guy trades minds with a cab driver named Oscar, and all kinds of hi-jinks follow. Not an obvious choice for such a major milestone in the show's history, but it has its moments.

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported Turtlethon so far - there's much more to come, as we're only a little past halfway through the show's run!

More shots of Legacy Skids, this time in vehicle mode. Mine unfortunately has multiple scrapes across the roof that aren't visible on-camera but are glaring to me! I've had nothing but bad luck with the new Transformers I've bought this year, it's been one quality control issue after another...

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Legacy Skids arrived today, my first new figure in a couple of months. A charming little toy with a wonderful boxy aesthetic. (I still kinda want to go back and get the United version of Skids too, that toy was so pretty) I forgot to mention yesterday that Turtlethon number 99 is up now! This one covers "Splinter Vanishes". The Turtles are forced to break up and lead separate lives in what's easily the most emotional episode of the series to date. Added a new Turtlethon entry today for "Leonardo Versus Tempestra". One of the most memorable episodes of this season, this outing sees the team's leader getting hooked on the video "Tempestra's Revenge", but he ends up facing a new and unexpected challenge when the game's final boss comes to life.

(Turtlethon 99 will be up on Thursday for "Splinter Vanishes"!)

Reworked the unused daily Corbie comic strips I drew in 2020 into rough layouts for a future issue #5. To my amazement, it wound up as 17 pages of content, all of it taking place at school (no actual superhero stuff with Corinne as Corbie yet).

Standard comic book length is 22 pages, but clearly I'm gonna need more room. This could well end up being a double-sized issue. 😬 Thursday means it's Turtlethon time once again! Today I look back at "The Big Cufflink Caper!", in which the Turtles go undercover as mobsters to investigate a string of cufflink robberies. Transformers references, pizzas to the face for everyone involved and a final battle in a taffy factory, this one has David Wise's fingerprints all over it in the best possible way. 😀 New Turtlethon entry up today for "Donatello's Degree". My favourite characters (Donnie and Irma) team up for a comedy of lies and misunderstandings that isn't executed quite as well as I'd like, but it's still a hoot.

Haven't posted anything on Instagram in two years or so. Now I go back and holy moly does that platform have "failing mall" vibes.

I mean it was never *good* from an artist's perspective, but wow. It's like MySpace circa 2010. Not completely dead but the writing's on the wall.

Corbie character illustration number seven! Josie Steele joins her fellow members of The IC (who I posted previously), Ruby and Maxine, rounding out the group.

I want to keep going and do more of these pieces, but I'm also itching to get to work on a new issue of the comic itself. Might switch focus for a bit and come back to this mini-project in the near future.

(Had to delete / redraft this as I forgot to add the background elements, d'oh!)

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