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"Corinne Morgan, Corbie" issue 2 is here! Really proud of this one - I feel CMC has started to find its feet now visually, and this issue has more of the "Corinne as HSP" theme that, to me, is the heart of the series.

(BTW, I recommend enjoying Corbie in PDF or CBZ format as it was originally intended! It's a better reading experience and includes the bonus Birdy Rappinghood column.).

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Hi! I'm John Porter. INFJ, enneagram 4, Transformers collector, Xennial. I'm starting an ongoing superhero webcomic for introverts and HSPs called "Corinne Morgan, Corbie". My plan for this account is to share some insights into what I've learned so far.

extremely cool that everyone thinks capitalism is efficient despite literal enormous mountains of material everyday evidence that it is not because some people just repeated it a lot

Posted a new video tonight on the Corbie YouTube channel. What does it mean to be an ? I'll provide an overview and also address some common misconceptions many of us have bought into about being .

(PLUS: Highlights from making Corinne's B-day art a few months ago!) Livestreaming today for the first time in a while at 18:00 UK time. I'll be colouring pages from issue 3 of Corbie and demonstrating how Photoshop filters can be used to automate the flatting process. An introduction to Corbie in less than three minutes! Please enjoy this trailer showcasing our introvert / HSP superheroine.

Almost done with the lettering for issue 3. It's somewhat sobering to look at a script that I wrote two years ago and realise how naive I was. Eight panels per page? About as much text as a phone book? I've definitely learned a thing or two about the value of brevity since then. Added a new video to the CMC YouTube channel today. What goes into colouring a page of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie"? In this half hour session I'll show you what my process is, and discuss other methods I've tried that didn't work for me.

Still trying to find my footing with YouTube - the plan is to do more, shorter vids over the next few weeks. New blog post! A quick round-up of everything that's going on in the world of Corbie - issue 3's status, YouTube, Ko-Fi and plans for expanded / remastered editions.

After almost two weeks of doing digital clean-up for issue 3's art, I'm somehow - finally - almost at the finish line. Next livestream this afternoon (4pm UK time) should be something of a celebration as I get the last two pages completed.

Next CMC livestream is today at 1600 UK time (1200 EDT / 0800 PDT). I'll be providing advice on what to do if you're just starting out making comics, as well as things to avoid - lessons I've had to learn the hard way!

Next livestream is today at 4pm UK time (12pm EDT / 8am PDT). Work continues on converting and cleaning up the pencil art for issue 3 of Corbie. It turns out that the over-detailed pages actually need less attention than the simple ones! Why? I'll explain in today's session. Expect a very casual stream today, I'm just chillin' and drawin' on my way to the finish line.

Next livestream is at 4pm today (UK). After the previous stream I figured out a vastly improved method of converting comic pencils to something resembling inked pages - today I'll go over my new process.

Livestreaming today at 4pm UK time! I'll be talking about the pros and cons of doing digital cleanup on pencil art for comics versus the traditional inking methods, anxiety that artists can experience, plus more.

Eep. First night of doing cleanup on issue 3's pencil art didn't go well. I think with the amount of redrawing tiny details I'm having to do, I might be quicker working with on-screen pen input using the Surface than I am on the desktop PC using the Intuos. Will try switching tomorrow.

Final pencils for issue 3 of Corbie were completed on Tuesday afternoon. Scanning and cleanup of the art begins today.

Those last few pages seemed to take forever to redraw and wore me down a bit. Feeling refreshed now and ready to move on to this next stage.

15 of 19 pages of final pencils for issue 3 of Corbie are now complete. Hopefully I'll be done by the weekend and can move on to the next stage.

It's fun seeing these pages take shape, but this is definitely the point in the creative cycle where I'm starting to get burned out. I'll be glad to just be done with pencilling for a while.

Corbie is now officially on YouTube! Please enjoy this encore presentation of today's inaugural livestream, which sees me pencilling a page from the next issue and talking about all sorts of subjects related to making comics.

Hey, folks:

I just finished reading "Your Inner Critic is a Big Jerk" by Danielle Krysa. It's about getting past your own negative thoughts about your creative work (, , , , , , etc.).

It's not a great book, but there is some very good wisdom scattered among its 100 pages.

This is a probably a library book for you. Check it out. Skim it. Extract the wisdom that applies to you.

Meet Conalt, half-elf warlock and servant of the Raven Queen! He uses his mystical powers to investigate murders by interrogating the dead, and he helps Cedric, Antorvir, and Djoser fight the undead!

Did a (private) test livestream tonight of me pencilling a comic page. Some initial teething problems but I think by the end I was getting into a groove with it.

I'll review it tomorrow. Hoping it's not a total disaster and this could be a regular thing; I think it might be good for my creative growth and help to build Corbie's readership. 🤞

Playing with my new camera setup in OBS Studio. (Hot dang! No more dangling my phone above my desk with hairbands.)

Trying to gauge if there'd be any interest in comic making livestreams. If me and my frail little Scottish lamb voice talking about funny books while I draw them sounds appealing, let me know.

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