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It's here! The third issue of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie", The Long Way Back Home, is now available for download and online reading. This one has been a huge undertaking but the end result is (IMHO) the biggest and best issue of CMC so far. I hope you'll enjoy the first Corbiefest of 2019!

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Hi! I'm John Porter. INFJ, enneagram 4, Transformers collector, Xennial. I'm starting an ongoing superhero webcomic for introverts and HSPs called "Corinne Morgan, Corbie". My plan for this account is to share some insights into what I've learned so far. New video! I review Power of the Primes Rodimus Prime / Hot Rod, HasTak's brave attempt to squeeze a young delinquent robot, a sports car, an RV and an aged geezer brandishing a weed-whacker gun into a single action figure.

More fun with the Targetmasters. I'm actually kinda glad that I've dragged my heels on getting so many of the figures from 1987 as it means I'm getting to appreciate many of them for the first time.

Pinpointer arrived today, and with that after many months my Autobot Targetmaster trio is at last complete. Next challenge will be to track down Haywire, then I can reunite these guys with Blurr, Kup and Hot Rod as a fully armed group. NEW VIDEO! I take a look at Power of the Primes Orion Pax + Optimus Prime. It's two robots in one plus a truck mode, with... mostly impressive results?

Recently on Club Corbie I revealed two students from Anna Dale Academy who'll make their debut in future Corbie adventures, Aurelie and Mona! If you'd like to see more art like this created live, join me every weekday from 1400 - 1600 BST on Twitch, Periscope, Twitter or YouTube!

Splurged yesterday on a 5-pack of . This set is the Playroom Posse from series 3: Pop-O The Clown, Trisourtops, Blabberbook, Batterhead and Q.U.R.O.B.O. 6000.

🎶 Bad, bad, bad, bad boys "🎵

Classics Megatron & Starscream (both 2006) + Bumblebee movie redeco of TR Soundwave (2018).

The braintrust finally assembles, but sadly Screamer looks tiny compared to the other two. Megs is better than I remembered (dat headsculpt)

Our cast poster celebrating the first 4 issues of "Corinne Morgan, Corbie" has arrived!

Digital version available as a hi-res download for all donors via Ko-Fi :

Or get posters + canvas prints from our store at:

Deltatron from Grandstand's Convertors line, AKA Yonezawa's "Fighter Robo".

Got this for Xmas 86 and he's the closest I ever came as a kid to owning a Seeker. In some ways he's a better toy with no partsforming and a magical battery-powered conversion.

Of all the weird items I've acquired over the years, this tiny Fortress Maximus KO probably ranks somewhere in the middle. (Titan Masters included for size comparison).

Not so much a city, he's really more of a hamlet.

Doing some toy photography this week - since I can't justify buying new figures right now I'm going back and trying to find a renewed appreciation for what I have. Here's KFC Toys Citizen Stack in robot form with the official Takara Masterpiece Ultra Magnus as a truck, and then both toys again with the modes reversed.

Stack really can't measure up to MP Mags, but then again that toy is one of the greatest TFs ever, so it's not really a fair fight. 😁

The final preview from our cast poster series is of the star of the show, Corbie herself!

I don't know how to explain that drawing a comic consumes exponentially more energy than writing one does, not just from the obvious time spent, but from the interpretation/character acting/ camera angle choices/panel design/everything that the artist must visually bring to life

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Solve the writer/artist discourse by doing both jobs so when you go screaming into the night with a ten year epic on your hands you have only yourself to blame lol

The eleventh and penultimate preview from the Corbie cast poster, this time it's Corinne's spectral mentor, The Morrigan!

The tenth preview from our cast poster project. This time it's of The I.C.'s own Ruby Wood!

I have four more teasers remaining for our cast poster before I reveal the full piece. This time it's Maxine Glass, ruthless ringleader of The I.C.!

The Corbie cast poster project is now finished and available as a hi-res download for Ko-Fi donors (and will soon be available for purchase on Teespring!) Here's another of the characters from this big ensemble piece, the villanous goat goddess, Neamhain!

Headmistress Cravin is the seventh character in the Corbie cast poster series. I still have one more to work on before the poster is complete (Corbie herself) so I'll be doing a special evening stream Saturday night at 2000 BST to finish this project, for real this time!

Here's my of Phos from based on part of the opening sequence of the . It's from early 2018. I was still figuring out how shading worked (I'm STILL figuring out how shading works), but I'm very proud of the face and especially the "hair", which is made of a number of layers. It's got a very cool translucent look. I thought I'd shared it on this account already, but I guess not!

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