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the latest peak on the farm. a triangle top hat to accommodate the mulberry bush/tree. recycled non-leaching plastic coated pine poles and macrocarpa timber so all non-toxic. need to complete the side wall netting and this will be a ~60m2 addition to the already 100m2 berry cage. this is and garlic are our primary market produce so the birbs must be thwarted! garden hard!

happy christmas stupid fishes!

Agree all the way up to the end where autbor says people do need amazon...

and in case there are any trent apologisers out there thinking Im bitter cause he "made money from your 'scene'", I'm not, making money on music is just fine, what I hate is that any hint of feeling it all rather contrived was utterly validated when he chose to shill shitty overpriced social signalling poverty tax headphones and oppressive/suppressive platforms. Im still ok if you like the music but please do hate the man.

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I am on the record that I hate Trent Reznor, I tolerated him barely after he made a really good minimal pop album in PHM and lucked into hanging with the classic industrial rat pack. Never cared for much after that and of course becoming a beats and apple executive really just proves total piece of shit. Anyway, this is FUCKING EXCELLENT, far better than any nin rendition.

shouts out to lisa simpson busking rudolph the red nosed reindeer in the intro


due to change some basic shared web hosting. want to support smaller more independent hosting provider over a douchey behemith but the euro is a strong currency and when you 1. aren't from a western powerhouse. 2. are an artist in a medium that commands very little commerce these days. 3. can't subsidise art too much this year and on a tight bidget; you end up pondering really hard.

Do you need to tell anyone to musically GET OFF YOUR LAWN!? may I suggest the following. Sidebar, from the holy carp it's that old already files, original release of this was 25 years ago.

it is monday my dudes. Here is broad beans just casually doing their thing. its a lousy 10 degrees outside but inside the greenhouse should be a good picture soon. Farm hard!

have a TotP from 1988 on in the background and stupid hype announcer man is like

announcer: this next act has never performed on live tv!
me: and they still haven't!

Food item mention no pics 


New NFT things: , (on blue bird @BabySongbirds ).

Don't buy them: it infringes my moral right ( and they added CC-By compliance just now after fans noticed.

You can collect same pictures here for free with better quality:

Welcome to my madness...

Celebrating its 20 yr release anniversary, it's also the right time of the year to post this track title

Welcome to my madness...

Celebrating its 20 yr release anniversary, it's also the right time of the year to post this track title


This is my salad. There are many others like it but this one is mine.

work wanted

Do you have any need/leads on global remote work, tech, consult, advising, comms, research, managing, etc?

I have been a developer, instructional technologist, lecturer, garlic farmer. Also expert in digital multimedia, broadcasting, show/set/space/installation design.

Can I cheaply assist your creative/activist endeavour?

Do you like industrial, powernoise:

commission sound design or remix?

thank you

A steamy 38 in the greenhouse this morning. Had to move the salad department near the ground its been so intense. Great for starting chilis and cukes and shit though.

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