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if you aren't of a certain age, or weren't in the UK in 1989 you may not have realised liza minelli and the pet shop boys made a ripper of an album called Results. there are legit bangers.

may I suggest

there are many ways you can contribute to #owncast

if you want to help with code or features:

this month owncast is participating in #hacktoberfest :

if you want to enjoy the growing community and check out or share some streams:

if you have the means you can donate:

and you can always ask questions here, boost and help others learn of owncast here in the fediverse

#streaming #selfhosting

にゃんごすたー is back!!!!!

There are exceptionally few things in this preceived existence that give me what I guess people "call pure joy". This is one of them...

orchestra hits Sandra "Mary Magdalena" bridge exiting the first chorus vs The Immortals Mortal Kombat

you're welcome

The first overs of spring have been bowled. Found the block from over winter and roughed in the first wicket for this year.

It's Another Bloody Movie night!

Tonight we pretend we're going to the movies on Sunday, July 8 1973 and seeing Oklahoma Crude!

Official start at 7pm, there'll be something neat on the stream from 6pm (0800 UTC) if you want to check your setup.

I have hawks all around the farm of varying size and shape. I almost always have one on me. Building, breaking, repairing, clearing, prying, getting muddy clearing roots, but way more than just obvious blade work. I highly recommend trying one as a multitool especially ones with hammers or picks. This one is under a table in case I find myself across from a Rodian bounty hunter...

temple of doom is coming on and i'm going to be grumbling the whole time..."baby step to the mine cart step to the mine cart chase" and also I'll keep saying that i'm setting booty traps, in case anyone is following us, like the fratellis...

wretched winds again, used the cover of the solid wall on the greenhouse to slap together a flat pack work bench out of scrap macrocarpa today. also lucky I finally got the rest of the flashing up on the roof during a brief respite from winds the other day cause hopefully it's helping defend against the sustained 100+kph gusts currently shaking us....argh

Oh good, spring has sprung. You can tell by the -5 windchill and the horizontal snow. Early plantings are cloched or in greenhouse or under black mat so ok. also despite the violent winds recently did manage to get a first mow done where needed and some emergency greenhouse repairs sorted before this bonus.

Since you get 0% of things you don't ask for, I outlined some of the interests and skill sets I'd like involved with Owncast.

Take a moment to browse through our little "Help Wanted" page and see if you might be interested in contributing to the Owncast live streaming project with your particular set of skills.

Content creators, writers, illustrators and designers are specifically called out! Plus we could use some additional web frontend help.

Join us!

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