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city job ended & there isn't much produce on the farm due to projects and current wretched soggy winter.

I'm available for remix and sound design. most genres.

or could you use my aged cask of other stuff?

tech advice for online media, streaming, collab, advocacy.

multimedia installation design

academic and research support.

motivation for creative small scale food growing?

live stream dj your garage sale?

very cheap for kindreds

controlfreak live is now streaming live - lets chat, listen to my 2001 synth album manipulate and game some TFT hyper

Just working through quasi formally organsing a few very important lists in my head. I am here to inform you that Fire on the Mountain 1975 by The Marshall Tucker Band is my 4th favourite rock flute song.

k thanks

I am a simple creature. Whenever Enter the Dragon comes on, it stays on. Or as I often like to alt tag it Mortal Kombat alpha v.73

one of these days I think you will find yourself a paper towel

PM Dawn "Paper Towel"

the new menudo video is really weak and awful even for them, so disappoint....oh wait this is just BTS....


well the feels like temperature peaked at -1 today but the sun was out for a few minutes. was nice watching snow on the hills while working. spent the morning rounding some massive downed blue gum branches. Prolly be about 2 cubes worth once split. Not sponsored but our newish dewalt 54v 16" chainsaw was an absolute beast. Shared battery system with other gear we have and not another small combustion motor to deal with and no mixing 2 stroke. fuck yeah.
sat by the fire now

exhausting 48 hours. monsoon rains again for a good 12 hours. grounds are ruined. then the winds arrived 90kph. outbuildings battoned down. then it became a hurricane horiontal blizzard. 6 hours power outages. then nice silent snow. buildings were all ok, animals fine, only mild thing was I had to bat down all the snow like powdered sugar that managed to stick to the 80m2 bird mesh over one of the berry plots. it stretched the mesh like 1m down. hundreds of kgs, structure held tho

The #AntennaPod #Hackathon is on! Mark the weekend of 9-11 July in your calendar if you want to chip in and contribute (with code or otherwise) to the most popular open source podcast app for Android!

Initial ideas for our activities are being discussed on the forum:
#FOSS #opensource #podcast

sorry not sorry its all gonna be the booty bass, miami bass, and terrible sample laden hot garbage power hour on @tilderadio starting soon...

ride out like its 1990

my second favourite super group album ever! Nailbomb - Point Blank - 1994

such relax. many chill.

it was -4 at 8am so sensibly I did some remote IT from under a blanket. but the sun came out, so we spent the day on winter maintenance. oiled and ran all the small motors to keep them in shape. greased the big tractor. sharpened all the blade hand tools and hawks. shifted the visiting sheep to the back paddocks. patched some driveway gravel. brought in firewood and retreated from the sun going behind the hill.

hooray for little victories OR death by 1000 paper cuts, thin margin.

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