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one thing I marvel about is that there seem to be so many visual artists on the #fediverse but very few #musicians. is that because there are so much less musicians?

Sometimes the only thing that will mashed potatoes. Mushroom gravy is probably my jeebus.

Programming 1.5 hours of custom sync'd lights and video isn't affecting me. Honest. MOAR MASH

If the aren't your heroes for multiple reasons, kindly get of my lawn!

it's not a contest but vs pompous art and pompous capitalist music industry , reckon they simultaneously "beat" both soundly. While your mileage may vary I dare you not to groove in some way to redankulous bridges in 3am Eternal from the lost continent bootleg mix. even the steeped in mystery bootlegs win!

The KLF Live from the Lost Continent

Apart from sad but seminal cases you should read abour the radium girls if you haven't already.
It boggles the mind how many radium products were sold during This era. Radium water, toothpaste, shampoo, foot warmers. And fellas if you are lacking energy in the downstairs dept you could energise you love life with radium suppoitories! yeesh.

having a go on . How are we feeling about the platform?

all night long from one of my less confrontational moniker

SP UNITED - get off

mid-tempo, organic, classic house adjacent, electro infused. unite!

Theatre confirmed for halloween extravaganza art show, multimedia, dance performance C2 concert and dance party.

1x nix laptop with dmx dongle and digital midi/audio interface as he time keeper master video. 3x rpi hdmi out to mini projectors with a master pi syncd to lappy. 6 light fixtures. 2 drum/synth rigs. 3 hardware samplers. A vocal fx station. A fusion dance troupe. And as many sub cabinets i can fit before the old power circuits melt.

What could go wrong?

Sometimes you just need to get a metre of air and attack some drum triggers. Me as live in auckland 2014. In training now so he broken old joints can go bigger at his years halloween performance.

got sick of colleagues putting inane positivism's and affirmations on post-its all around so I made up a bunch of fake shit to fight back...

"Always check your tyre pressure before a long road trip" -Sir Richard Hadlee

is it wrong to wish on space hardware?

Whilst the following years much peppier version by kirsty maccoll was wonderfully tolerable i rather prefer this. Get off my lawn etc.

New England by Billy Bragg

Working on light programming and set design. This year's halloween show will debut the new C2 album PENTALOGY, be two sets wih 4 projections, more band, vocalist and a dance troupe. It'll make the below look like a teddy bear picnic.

C2 book of gates

Last night's show, episode #127, was pretty good, I reckon. Would recommend.
@controlfreak you're in there! And a few shout outs to our recent #Fediverse followers too :)
#electronicMusic #experimentalmusic

Yo verse let's do this. Post your favourite, oustanding or wholely craptacular tune with . The only rule is all the cowbell!

I'll kick it off with this banger from Skid Row

Looking for a to maybe collab on textual collateral for the new C2 project called PENTALOGY. Outline exists as a brief and lines up with the now finished soundtrack. It's utterly abrasive, adjacent, anti-cap, not optimistic stuff with an industrial powernoise wall of oontz behind it. So yeah, zero commercial potential and unpalletable to many. It'd make a sweet graphic novel but I'm a drummer not an everything else. check my profile links for back catalogue. direct for more.

You know I contently live in the sub-basement of a number of appropriated or evaporated art and music scenes and would like to always post something scathingly witty befitting my ethos...but all I can say is it's a big dirty world out there friends, be sure to floss!

Ok fellow . AntiX 17 or MX17? Please state your opinion in the form of a confused reaction shot.

I'll kick things off.
I lean toward xfce default but otherwise this image...

Hate to whinge but when your pillow speaker of nearly 20 years packs a sad and the wires are so fine it's prolly not repairable even if I find the bad spot. Goodbye old friend....

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