The first overs of spring have been bowled. Found the block from over winter and roughed in the first wicket for this year.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman 

@TheGibson ok i did it. Holy shart was that faithful. Audio was a bit cheesy let down, and the mixing was a bucket of ass, check that hacked sample voice over towards the end. Ugh sloppy. Hopefully its less garbage for the show to not waste this one shot at this with what looks like solid asf visual and script respect.

Neil Gaiman's Sandman 

@TheGibson I have been simultaneously dreading and squeeing this moment for some time. I'm afraid to look...

Blizzard ad 

@TheGibson I had no probs deleting blizz but I do still like to re-watch the blizzcon announce of diablo mobile when I need a solid LoL

It's Another Bloody Movie night!

Tonight we pretend we're going to the movies on Sunday, July 8 1973 and seeing Oklahoma Crude!

Official start at 7pm, there'll be something neat on the stream from 6pm (0800 UTC) if you want to check your setup.

@alexandra I've actually never seen the screen size or vid hardware to matter. It is literally always hidden below a scroll. Intentional as.

I have hawks all around the farm of varying size and shape. I almost always have one on me. Building, breaking, repairing, clearing, prying, getting muddy clearing roots, but way more than just obvious blade work. I highly recommend trying one as a multitool especially ones with hammers or picks. This one is under a table in case I find myself across from a Rodian bounty hunter...

@markosaric @mullvadnet worth noting for the mobile crowd avoiding g**gle and/or unsure of apks, their app is on f-droid unlike nearly all other paid vpns. decent.

@TheGibson I mean that can purely depend on your commitment and/or swamp tolerance

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