@ieure well apparently now Ill be humming the ketchup song all night is whats up because i read that very differently...

@iiogama @fatboy from 2 billion daily users.... 0.00005

heres hoping they keep flopping and shrinking

@Chuck_Half_Hazardly naw they drain outward as well, otherwise we'd all go septic...

Fyrefest "sandwich" 

@rysiek and the market decides that this is every meal...

This evenings mood. Was a good session. I dont really share on thee webs but I fight a sometimes quite serious lymph disorder. With shear bloody mindedness I'm just pushing farm work and drum play. Already hurt so may as well try and be strong around all the hurt. Taking back something I've loved since I was 4. now its heat and ice time.

My greatest professional achievement 

@grendel84 @TheGibson just say socks and sandals are tantamount to a war crime?

@humanetech @avalos
"In 2019, at a tech panel in New York, an independent musician named Ashley Jana asked Jim Anderson, a former Spotify executive, a simple question: Why are Spotify’s per-stream payments so low? “Spotify was created to solve a problem,” Anderson shot back, seething. “The problem was this: piracy and music distribution. The problem was … not to give you money, okay?”"


@kev had a blast removing any last clunky glug from my site, refreshing and pushing for the 512kb club. cheers for the motivation

what bjork said...

I think I just saw a tumbleweed go across my feed

Makes no difference to me what arbitrary day you choose to commemorate a lap around the star. Never was a big fan of delusional "celebratory" corporate booze profiting diversion pre pandamic, now it rather just angers me. Celebrate comrades or family accomplishments, not vapid drinking culture.

I'll be in my recliner.

@eff just have your new NFT evangelist position to fix it

@aral Indeed. aprapos, if you live in a city, with fibre to your door and you still lick the Elon boots enabling his obscene pollution ring, fuck you. get a fucking lte antenna or something, there is no good argument for city hipsters to slap a dish on their balcony for Elons bullshit.

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