sorry not sorry its all gonna be the booty bass, miami bass, and terrible sample laden hot garbage power hour on @tilderadio starting soon...

ride out like its 1990

my second favourite super group album ever! Nailbomb - Point Blank - 1994

such relax. many chill.

it was -4 at 8am so sensibly I did some remote IT from under a blanket. but the sun came out, so we spent the day on winter maintenance. oiled and ran all the small motors to keep them in shape. greased the big tractor. sharpened all the blade hand tools and hawks. shifted the visiting sheep to the back paddocks. patched some driveway gravel. brought in firewood and retreated from the sun going behind the hill.

hooray for little victories OR death by 1000 paper cuts, thin margin.

@tuxdevices I dont understand why enthusiast type sites are linking this weird dodgey kernel thing that has a use case of medium overpriced no tech interest closed eco system happy consumer...

@djsundog @TheGibson @GI_Jack well..and listen to i got you babe 43 times so maybe it ruled -12 points

just reviewing for science some peak big label money 90s drivel in jessica simpson i think im in love with you which you think is bad enough but the john couger mellonball sample is itch inducing. anyway for all that money and peak bubblegum pre ubiqitous interwebs big label hayday cloat there are quite a few horrendous plosives in the vocals. sloppy

"We bide our time, stay afloat
Keepin' the dying light exposed
I never asked to know, I never lied
So I could keep you on my side"


@hierarchon the interviewees stated their plans for after responding were to catch a movie together with a couple hot dogs, popcorn and sodas for 25 cents and 2 milk caps...

@gabek and an overwhelming majority instantly plonked down on a new single network?

@gabek my version would have been the same stance but heaps more curse laden and polemic. so you are pretty likeable.

@LinuxLounge sure if you want 20 year old pop music go ahead reduse reuse and recycle.

Just don't use spotify full stop.

Just actively give to your local hospice or animal shelter and do like 12 seconds of work to find a way to get good audio from modern artists you want support more directly.

SMH my head 

@TheGibson taking hiding in plain site to the EXTREME

III Odyssey of the Mind from Die Krupps - 1995

if you skip a single track on this gem you should have your cookie stolen in broad daylight. change my mind.

fuckin metalmorphisis come on!

@thenewoil yikes. is that article meant to impress? I'm assuming the proverbial car dealers will be fawning that they could now get into the ground floor of what big data and gov trawling have been doing forever, but that literally reads as "hi, we are giants sacks of crap and this is 'fair game' because the 'rules' are stacked to F you ha ha money."

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