new chvrches is public. it hits different. Lauren has massively improved vocal delivery over the years but I think too much of this album pushes the limit of her register and tone. I'm not sure I can make it grow on me, but "asking for a friend" is a fantastic opener. for a little splash of darker and a little vocal breathing room see also "nightmares" which is a lyrical beast and "violent delights" has a great dirty lush vibe...

Just working through quasi formally organsing a few very important lists in my head. I am here to inform you that Fire on the Mountain 1975 by The Marshall Tucker Band is my 4th favourite rock flute song.

k thanks

I am a simple creature. Whenever Enter the Dragon comes on, it stays on. Or as I often like to alt tag it Mortal Kombat alpha v.73

one of these days I think you will find yourself a paper towel

PM Dawn "Paper Towel"

sorry not sorry its all gonna be the booty bass, miami bass, and terrible sample laden hot garbage power hour on @tilderadio starting soon...

ride out like its 1990

my second favourite super group album ever! Nailbomb - Point Blank - 1994

such relax. many chill.

just reviewing for science some peak big label money 90s drivel in jessica simpson i think im in love with you which you think is bad enough but the john couger mellonball sample is itch inducing. anyway for all that money and peak bubblegum pre ubiqitous interwebs big label hayday cloat there are quite a few horrendous plosives in the vocals. sloppy

"We bide our time, stay afloat
Keepin' the dying light exposed
I never asked to know, I never lied
So I could keep you on my side"

III Odyssey of the Mind from Die Krupps - 1995

if you skip a single track on this gem you should have your cookie stolen in broad daylight. change my mind.

fuckin metalmorphisis come on!

it's freakin cold pushing sub zero out, but we have a fantastic sky for the exceptionally rare SUPER BLOOD MOON. I have a poor webcam out there and spinning all manner of 80s, dance, industrial jams until the damn thing freezes and gives up! and then some!

my semi regular PSA to get thee to a screen with Robyn Body Talk tour on it. Absolutely fantastic live presentation of heavily electro jams, great energy, just A+ all around.

Less than an hour to the 20th anniversary of the album manipulate live stream listening party. aaaaand my mic stand broke. Its not a event until the gaffers tape comes out. Here is my battle station for today. See you in chat

11 hours until 20 years of manipulation live stream listening party to celebrate the album Manipulate and

0000 UTC Saturday / 2000 EDT Friday

I've uncovered some visual gems from the period and have some great war stories ready. I hear some of the old live crew will be in chat. Let's stomp.

join us then on our stream

Black people, white people, Puerto Ricans, Samoans....

Do the humpty hump!

Rip Shock G

breaking dj hiatus! that's it, after weeks of 14 hr days 7 days a week, I am taking an hour off to keep the 80s pumping after @snowdusk

join me live at the top of the hour
on @tilderadio 0200 UTC for to pump a jam or twelve

let's go



power and the passion

no matter what building or farming project i'm onto or how many tools and crap I may have in my hands or even if I'm up a ladder, when a midnight oil song comes on I DO THE PETER GARRETT DANCE! every time, no exclusions. you might consider this at your own risk.

The Great Cowbell Battle 🐄 🔔
final battle in round 1 brackets!

Please take the chance to check out tracks you don't know as most in the tournament are righteous jams.

Check often so you can vote everyday in the new cowbell battle. There are 10 groups in Round 1 and the winners from each + 6 best other results go thru. a little light fun maybe enlightening?

And now here is a brutal Round 1 Group J. Get voting and BOOST!


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