controlfreak live is now streaming live - lets chat, listen to my 2001 synth album manipulate and game some TFT hyper

dj controlfreak is now streaming live - controlfreak carbon life forms on aNoNradio

sets shows music production wave jamming

dj controlfreak is now streaming live - SUPER BLOOD MOON LIVE - party till the webcam freezes!

sets shows music production wave jamming

dj controlfreak is now streaming live - LIVE STREAM - 20 years of manipulation - album listening party

sets shows music production wave jamming

If it's still Friday where you are and you like stuff coming out your speakers and you might have a few coins to spare, get thee to Bandcamp for another %100 to the artist day. Even artists that only ask for donation of your ability, they will get it all today so massive impact!

All May 1st will once again give100% to artists!

I will give a couple bandcamp gift cards to replies to this toot (or quiet message) to help anyone who cannot, get some tunes. Im lucky to have continued day gig and offer my catalogue free of charge in , but this is huge for artists that cannot gig lately.

take my shit for free but do splash around camp all May 1 if poss

boost big verse let's spread the tunes!

fyi 'verse. In a about 8 hours, Bandcamp is going zero fee, 100% to the artists for 24 hours. This is a nice nod to helping artists in a time where physical performance is quashed and their "day jobs" may also be diminished.

I already offer my catalogue free or donation in solidarity but do have a wider look around knowing any support you can offer during this time will be amplified.

stay safe out there

behind the

C2 - PENTALOGY live theatre debut

some hollywood on a nollywood budget. 3x custom ethernet synced video players. 1x old devuan laptop as dj deck, emergency backup backing audio, dmx light controller and sampler. 1x other old devuan laptop pre-show projections then ssh to rpi's. 2x drum stations. more gaffers tape than you can shake a stick at.

having a go on . How are we feeling about the platform?

all night long from one of my less confrontational moniker

SP UNITED - get off

mid-tempo, organic, classic house adjacent, electro infused. unite!

Sometimes you just need to get a metre of air and attack some drum triggers. Me as live in auckland 2014. In training now so he broken old joints can go bigger at his years halloween performance.

Working on light programming and set design. This year's halloween show will debut the new C2 album PENTALOGY, be two sets wih 4 projections, more band, vocalist and a dance troupe. It'll make the below look like a teddy bear picnic.

C2 book of gates

This is Sonic the . Along with a half roll of electrical tape, shortwave radio and me the boring human we are

A decent bandmate, pretty sure he only slept with my girlfriend once.

he excels at warmth for synths and beats. sure there are plugins but it's nice to touch the sound as it goes out thru and back into the digital world.You can hear his work on many free C2 releases:

behind the scenes

1 old man, 3 synced to the frame, 2x gum pads, 6x pvc triggers, 2x samplers, 1 mic, 2x pedals + Halloween =

C2 book of gates

this rig toured well. building new custom drum triggers but rest will be extended for further installation and performance. love the rpi master audio/projection and the slave rpis for xtra screens

good grief. It has been almost 30 years since i wore threadbare my of aint it dead yet. Cannot even toot how live changing this was. It utterly catalysed my art and activism from youthful inquiry to action.

Addiction and Assimilate are 2 of my top 5 songs ever from anyone. Still get chills watching this today. just wanted to put some out into the fediverse. holla.

What's your favourite track that isn't vienna.

I'll open with "visions in blue" for vocals and depth with a side of "passing strangers" for pure jamming. But let's be honest there isn't really any ultravox track I skip on a good random play...

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