Welcome to my madness...

Celebrating its 20 yr release anniversary, it's also the right time of the year to post this track title


love the quick response for my fediverse media project

anyone wanting to contribue very short voiceover work, music, micro writers and visual artists get in touch

the first episodes are in production of a variety collage radio show that will feature all fedi posting artists.

it will simulcast premiere on fedi adjacent platforms then rest on fedi audio and video archives

and it will be 100% friendly for rebroadcast or streaming


pretty beat up from the last week hustling out in the fields making up for lost winter planting time due to supremely rubbish weather, and got my second jab yesterday...so I've manufactured some homemade chicken stew and have a fire going, let's listen to albums and chat about farming or your automotive issues and I'll underwhelm you with utterly indifferent TFT strats, Today let's do C2 - QUADRANTS:the stories of four.


city job ended & there isn't much produce on the farm due to projects and current wretched soggy winter.

I'm available for remix and sound design. most genres.

or could you use my aged cask of other stuff?

tech advice for online media, streaming, collab, advocacy.

multimedia installation design

academic and research support.

motivation for creative small scale food growing?

live stream dj your garage sale?

very cheap for kindreds

Less than an hour to the 20th anniversary of the album manipulate live stream listening party. aaaaand my mic stand broke. Its not a control.org event until the gaffers tape comes out. Here is my battle station for today. See you in chat


11 hours until 20 years of manipulation live stream listening party to celebrate the album Manipulate and

0000 UTC Saturday / 2000 EDT Friday

I've uncovered some visual gems from the period and have some great war stories ready. I hear some of the old live crew will be in chat. Let's stomp.

join us then on our stream


around the farm I would describe my mowing and tractor technique as "attack". full throttle getting wheels on hard sharp turns.

this matches my drumming style. if I ever get unburied from building and farming projects, I'd like to dream I could muster the joint strength for maybe 1 last C2 tour. don't get old...


C2 "book of gates"

as always, entire catalogue free or donation
at bandcamp in my bio

back up live with the controlfreak catalogue to celebrate

let me be the soundtrack to your rebellion, or if you need to speaker battle the neighbours and you'll be helping test some experimental audio feed bridging we running

say hay in the chat if you like


and audio only


happy friday verse. to kick things off, i'm rocking a massive broadcast with about 8 hours worth of original catalogue, mostly thumpers, weeded out most of the noise stuff. If you have the means be sure to support some bandcamp artists today for max impact as they will get 100% of the take.

say hay in the owncast chat if you like


retribution - an uptempo and aggressive floor thumper that despite the lyrical fascade is not about unrequited or broken love, it's about a god damn sink disposal that kept breaking and throwing shit everywhere


please get it for free or donation as with all my works

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into you - a sped up dark trip hop affair that was very introspective from a health scare and treatment

man do i miss that Emu morpheus synth


please get it for free or donation as with all my works

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If it's still Friday where you are and you like stuff coming out your speakers and you might have a few coins to spare, get thee to Bandcamp for another %100 to the artist day. Even artists that only ask for donation of your ability, they will get it all today so massive impact!

I create my music and media for health and release free or donation, but sometimes you need a couple coins to rub together.

I am open to for , , game assets, alternative scoring, productions elements, installations...

Plenty of pro and semi-pro experience in theatre, gaming, studio and live production and wide genres to understand your brief.

links in my bio. boosts or connections appreciated.

Pretty poop year for my music output. No live shows of course. Did get a few things out before all heck broke loose. Spent all my free time developing my market garden and significant time down with some health things. Looking forward to shifting to my garden full-time soon, healing, and making heritage raspberries and filthy beats.

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