ok fedi

do you need an anti holiday holiday party? would you like to scare the in-laws? serenade the neighbours? let's do it. just hang out in chat if you want.

taking genre requests but otherwise we are dancing in a dark corner


I am on the record that I hate Trent Reznor, I tolerated him barely after he made a really good minimal pop album in PHM and lucked into hanging with the classic industrial rat pack. Never cared for much after that and of course becoming a beats and apple executive really just proves total piece of shit. Anyway, this is FUCKING EXCELLENT, far better than any nin rendition.

shouts out to lisa simpson busking rudolph the red nosed reindeer in the intro


Do you need to tell anyone to musically GET OFF YOUR LAWN!? may I suggest the following. Sidebar, from the holy carp it's that old already files, original release of this was 25 years ago.


have a TotP from 1988 on in the background and stupid hype announcer man is like

announcer: this next act has never performed on live tv!
me: and they still haven't!

Welcome to my madness...

Celebrating its 20 yr release anniversary, it's also the right time of the year to post this track title


The irony is not lost on me when Die Krupps "metamorphasis" pops up on random in my ears whilst chucking some sparks with the grinder. Fuck shit up!

from the "yeah I guess I was ready for it to be that old" files:

having gotten over the every wedding party on earth for decades trauma, I've recently reclaimed this jam for personal jamming

the original release, possibly not the one you know which was an Arista records re-recording with samples cleared and crap edits, turns 32 yrs old in january


I am going to assume and hope you got your at least annual viewing of The Crow in by yesterday The Cure "Burn" being one of my very favourite movie tracks ever. But now it's just monday, and yeah a little bit on the nose but I like to make sure this spins on a monday...


submitted for your potential education. non crappy 90s. not condoning as every decade is on some sort of vapid and crappy compiling index.


so I went ahead and listend to the new Arch Enemy track. I've never been a fan really but it had some solid chunky breakdowns. The 11/10 moment however was barely 15 seconds in and my dude used the roto toms in 2021. fuck yeah!

from the "not ready for it to be that old files..."


30 years old!
Voice of the Beehive - Monsters and Angels

From the "woah things change" files.

I imagine I endured so much Transvision Vamp in the 80s because well hormones. On reflective dive it's an untenable dumpster cocktail of hair metal, mall pop and jesus and mary chain. Fab jackets all around nonetheless. 3.5/10

if you aren't of a certain age, or weren't in the UK in 1989 you may not have realised liza minelli and the pet shop boys made a ripper of an album called Results. there are legit bangers.

may I suggest

にゃんごすたー is back!!!!!


There are exceptionally few things in this preceived existence that give me what I guess people "call pure joy". This is one of them...

orchestra hits Sandra "Mary Magdalena" bridge exiting the first chorus vs The Immortals Mortal Kombat

you're welcome

new chvrches is public. it hits different. Lauren has massively improved vocal delivery over the years but I think too much of this album pushes the limit of her register and tone. I'm not sure I can make it grow on me, but "asking for a friend" is a fantastic opener. for a little splash of darker and a little vocal breathing room see also "nightmares" which is a lyrical beast and "violent delights" has a great dirty lush vibe...


Just working through quasi formally organsing a few very important lists in my head. I am here to inform you that Fire on the Mountain 1975 by The Marshall Tucker Band is my 4th favourite rock flute song.

k thanks

one of these days I think you will find yourself a paper towel

PM Dawn "Paper Towel"

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