love the quick response for my fediverse media project

anyone wanting to contribue very short voiceover work, music, micro writers and visual artists get in touch

the first episodes are in production of a variety collage radio show that will feature all fedi posting artists.

it will simulcast premiere on fedi adjacent platforms then rest on fedi audio and video archives

and it will be 100% friendly for rebroadcast or streaming

retribution - an uptempo and aggressive floor thumper that despite the lyrical fascade is not about unrequited or broken love, it's about a god damn sink disposal that kept breaking and throwing shit everywhere

please get it for free or donation as with all my works

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into you - a sped up dark trip hop affair that was very introspective from a health scare and treatment

man do i miss that Emu morpheus synth

please get it for free or donation as with all my works

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from the absolutely not ready for it to be that old file:

happy 20th birthday to my album manipulate, although some of the tracks are pushing 25 even...

primarily dark club thumpers with some pensive non 4 on the floor excursions

nice to occasionally reflect on the catalogue. from where the material was forged

please get it for free or donation as with all my works :cc_sa:

Pretty poop year for my music output. No live shows of course. Did get a few things out before all heck broke loose. Spent all my free time developing my market garden and significant time down with some health things. Looking forward to shifting to my garden full-time soon, healing, and making heritage raspberries and filthy beats.

Share this with your neighbour.

great publication resource digestible enough for that special friend or family member that thinks the eternal destruction of indigenous lands mining a fuel to then generate waste that literally never stops killing with nowhere to ever contain it, which is further made into ghastly munitions to further spread it's infinite killing power is way rad...



It's what I have to give. Just added some updates to most of my 20+ year catalogue able to grab in multiple formats using no social platform at all. Use your cash to support community and family, take my noise as a soundtrack to action.!hFVmSaba!jaGJhzVq3r

Whether uplifting or in justified rage, let's make some noise together in and

current mood:
music for the frontlines whether they be social, political, physical, personal.

anything to accelerate the collapse of western capitalist police states is welcome, but we must help each other skill up for the harsh exit of vapid service "economies"

I'd like to give a shout out to my protest medics worldwide.

fyi 'verse. In a about 8 hours, Bandcamp is going zero fee, 100% to the artists for 24 hours. This is a nice nod to helping artists in a time where physical performance is quashed and their "day jobs" may also be diminished.

I already offer my catalogue free or donation in solidarity but do have a wider look around knowing any support you can offer during this time will be amplified.

stay safe out there

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