This evenings mood. Was a good session. I dont really share on thee webs but I fight a sometimes quite serious lymph disorder. With shear bloody mindedness I'm just pushing farm work and drum play. Already hurt so may as well try and be strong around all the hurt. Taking back something I've loved since I was 4. now its heat and ice time.

what bjork said...

I think I just saw a tumbleweed go across my feed

Food and festive af drinking vessel 

Fresh rhubarb, strawberry and raspberry from the gardens in a turnover pie format and vegan nog in the iconic holiday glassware.

Around the farm yesterday.

Power washed and upcycled some vintage hardwood fence timber as hanging supports to string up vine stuff in greenhouse.

Slapped together some more 1m2 locking stacking boxes for spud towers etc. Putting in some late purple heart spuds for seed stock plus they overwinter in ground rather well and are just rad.

And most important finished enclosing the aforementioned berry cage extension because fuck you the birbs!

Garden hard out there.

the latest peak on the farm. a triangle top hat to accommodate the mulberry bush/tree. recycled non-leaching plastic coated pine poles and macrocarpa timber so all non-toxic. need to complete the side wall netting and this will be a ~60m2 addition to the already 100m2 berry cage. this is and garlic are our primary market produce so the birbs must be thwarted! garden hard!

it is monday my dudes. Here is broad beans just casually doing their thing. its a lousy 10 degrees outside but inside the greenhouse should be a good picture soon. Farm hard!


This is my salad. There are many others like it but this one is mine.

A steamy 38 in the greenhouse this morning. Had to move the salad department near the ground its been so intense. Great for starting chilis and cukes and shit though.

Trying a new and very bright pink coloured flower strawberry variety this year in a raised test bed off the greenhouse.

The irony is not lost on me when Die Krupps "metamorphasis" pops up on random in my ears whilst chucking some sparks with the grinder. Fuck shit up!

The first overs of spring have been bowled. Found the block from over winter and roughed in the first wicket for this year.

I have hawks all around the farm of varying size and shape. I almost always have one on me. Building, breaking, repairing, clearing, prying, getting muddy clearing roots, but way more than just obvious blade work. I highly recommend trying one as a multitool especially ones with hammers or picks. This one is under a table in case I find myself across from a Rodian bounty hunter...

wretched winds again, used the cover of the solid wall on the greenhouse to slap together a flat pack work bench out of scrap macrocarpa today. also lucky I finally got the rest of the flashing up on the roof during a brief respite from winds the other day cause hopefully it's helping defend against the sustained 100+kph gusts currently shaking us....argh

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