The first overs of spring have been bowled. Found the block from over winter and roughed in the first wicket for this year.

I have hawks all around the farm of varying size and shape. I almost always have one on me. Building, breaking, repairing, clearing, prying, getting muddy clearing roots, but way more than just obvious blade work. I highly recommend trying one as a multitool especially ones with hammers or picks. This one is under a table in case I find myself across from a Rodian bounty hunter...

wretched winds again, used the cover of the solid wall on the greenhouse to slap together a flat pack work bench out of scrap macrocarpa today. also lucky I finally got the rest of the flashing up on the roof during a brief respite from winds the other day cause hopefully it's helping defend against the sustained 100+kph gusts currently shaking us....argh

Oh good, spring has sprung. You can tell by the -5 windchill and the horizontal snow. Early plantings are cloched or in greenhouse or under black mat so ok. also despite the violent winds recently did manage to get a first mow done where needed and some emergency greenhouse repairs sorted before this bonus.

This winter had been a complete bastard with nearly the entire grounds completly sodden and unable to work or plant and any machinery absolute no go. Just too damn much rain nearly every day. This area had been mostly ready for months but too muddy to finish and plant. we've had a run of dry windy days and finally with elbow grease got it just workable and shaped and today we drilled in almost 2000 garlic mostly under weed mat. Got another 1000 to do. farm hard.

fresh produce 

Had a fun time streaming my impromptu late winter dig in the garden dirt pantry. Pulled about 30kg of very edible spuds of mixed variety and some carrots. Even with -4 nights still plenty of herbs about as well.Gonna smash some mash topped cottage pies now, one with lentils and with wild venison. Farm hard. If you werent watching, you missed a milli vanilli and nkotb dance medley.

one of these days I think you will find yourself a paper towel

PM Dawn "Paper Towel"

well the feels like temperature peaked at -1 today but the sun was out for a few minutes. was nice watching snow on the hills while working. spent the morning rounding some massive downed blue gum branches. Prolly be about 2 cubes worth once split. Not sponsored but our newish dewalt 54v 16" chainsaw was an absolute beast. Shared battery system with other gear we have and not another small combustion motor to deal with and no mixing 2 stroke. fuck yeah.
sat by the fire now

exhausting 48 hours. monsoon rains again for a good 12 hours. grounds are ruined. then the winds arrived 90kph. outbuildings battoned down. then it became a hurricane horiontal blizzard. 6 hours power outages. then nice silent snow. buildings were all ok, animals fine, only mild thing was I had to bat down all the snow like powdered sugar that managed to stick to the 80m2 bird mesh over one of the berry plots. it stretched the mesh like 1m down. hundreds of kgs, structure held tho

III Odyssey of the Mind from Die Krupps - 1995

if you skip a single track on this gem you should have your cookie stolen in broad daylight. change my mind.

fuckin metalmorphisis come on!

my semi regular PSA to get thee to a screen with Robyn Body Talk tour on it. Absolutely fantastic live presentation of heavily electro jams, great energy, just A+ all around.

Less than an hour to the 20th anniversary of the album manipulate live stream listening party. aaaaand my mic stand broke. Its not a event until the gaffers tape comes out. Here is my battle station for today. See you in chat

power and the passion

no matter what building or farming project i'm onto or how many tools and crap I may have in my hands or even if I'm up a ladder, when a midnight oil song comes on I DO THE PETER GARRETT DANCE! every time, no exclusions. you might consider this at your own risk.

old goths living the teenage dream!

I see a tiny house I want to paint it black

weather was craptacular so couldnt get too much farm work done today consequently what a glorious day spent rocking cli in so many terminal windows. in the words of fozzy bear it was like " a bear in his natural habitat...a studebaker"

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