III Odyssey of the Mind from Die Krupps - 1995

if you skip a single track on this gem you should have your cookie stolen in broad daylight. change my mind.

fuckin metalmorphisis come on!

my semi regular PSA to get thee to a screen with Robyn Body Talk tour on it. Absolutely fantastic live presentation of heavily electro jams, great energy, just A+ all around.

Less than an hour to the 20th anniversary of the album manipulate live stream listening party. aaaaand my mic stand broke. Its not a control.org event until the gaffers tape comes out. Here is my battle station for today. See you in chat


power and the passion

no matter what building or farming project i'm onto or how many tools and crap I may have in my hands or even if I'm up a ladder, when a midnight oil song comes on I DO THE PETER GARRETT DANCE! every time, no exclusions. you might consider this at your own risk.

old goths living the teenage dream!

I see a tiny house I want to paint it black

weather was craptacular so couldnt get too much farm work done today consequently what a glorious day spent rocking cli in so many terminal windows. in the words of fozzy bear it was like " a bear in his natural habitat...a studebaker"

And here we have gta5 on the ! On the pbp! The flatpak arch64 of is solid.

isaac from the love boat beverages 

we just knocked up some impromptu hard iced tea.

small tumbler
sweet iced tea

approx 1-2-3

pretty banging

Round 1 Group B is looking a little sparse. Little over an hour left to vote in today's round.

Please search for my best cowbell track tournament poll. I've drawn up and entire tournament bracket system. There are 10 groups of 4 tracks each in round 1. Winners advance as will the top six next best performers. Be sure to vote everyday in the new group. And keep on cowbell'n.

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Come at me vampyres...

4 weeks drying in the shed. About 700 heads all up. Will plant about 2000 cloves this winter. These have all been pulled down and trimmed ready for long term storage or market. Finished that chore todayn

Maintain open source heritage seed and feed the people!

This pumpkin kills fascists

simply cannot source any organic hay as an input for my farm so here we go. Testing growing my own pea for protein then and also fodder, mulch and compost as straw.

getting back to this project that sat framed and uncovered for some months. Got the roof on the greenhouse. It's about 8.5mx4m with a simpke low.raked angle roof. heavy growers film will be clamped to the 3 naked walls. Will house figs on the back line and airspace, tea plants and mini.citrus on the front shorter side and seasonal stuff down the middle.

rainy ole day here at the farm. The bugs are out, the birds are out and so is this dude! This young little garden ally has been making itself seen lately. Snuffling hard the evening in the garden and being generally rad pest security.

from the not really fussed it's that old file

happy birthday to Sim City 2000 which is 26 years young today

oh hay GRAPES

couple false starts, young vines got savaged by rabbits one year, then a sheep broke in and broke them all up the next year, then the weather munted them last year, but now, oh now, we have potential table grapes! these are a dark variety called albany surprise that i've done well with organically on another property previously.

shifting my usual toot gears and now this:

just chomped the first apple of the year. it's an epicure derivative. hadn't had much production from that tree yet so it was a first. verdict, freakin delicious.

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