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Ok fellow . AntiX 17 or MX17? Please state your opinion in the form of a confused reaction shot.

I'll kick things off.
I lean toward xfce default but otherwise this image...

behind the scenes

1 old man, 3 synced to the frame, 2x gum pads, 6x pvc triggers, 2x samplers, 1 mic, 2x pedals + Halloween =

C2 book of gates

this rig toured well. building new custom drum triggers but rest will be extended for further installation and performance. love the rpi master audio/projection and the slave rpis for xtra screens

Triple Threat

unholy trinity as a triple threat
race to accumulate impossible debt
invert the pyramid least has the most
the whore and the pimp and the truth as a ghost

-from upcoming PENTALOGY by C2

meanwhile free sounds at...

This is ken . Along with a half roll of electrical tape, broken vcr and myself the dumb human we are

A good bandmate, punctual for sessions and doesn't sleep with your girlfriend.

he excels at glitchy bits and noise beds that become all manner of untraditional instrumentation. You can hear his work on the massive QUADRANTS nightmare project:

good morning instance and hullo verse. Question

What where or why would you click to hear audio works? This place is great for posting imagery but where would you prefer to click out to for av? Trying to not use anything googs , bandcamp and souncloud have analytics to be blocked but no embeds and no YT alt yet ( ). What am I missing for the multimedia and audio based artists?

Options opinions workarounds discussions?

keep moving keep moving keep moving
never get anywhere

fourth estate medicate
obfuscate suffocate

Not to pardon the pun toot my own horn but working on mixing guest vocals for this raging track on C2 Pentalogy and it's kicking an admirable amount of hind quarter.

The Sanguine Siren

She had a good heart, compassionate, loving, fun. Wrong place wrong time is too dismissive and the wrong crowd is an elusive concept from the inside. There is little protection these days for the daydreamer.

If you forget to check the mechanism, sometimes the door locks behind you.

chapter 09 open sores
the melancholic siren

...the series of events that led her to this place.The stagnation of self-image through the filter of hyper criticality and a perpetually narrowing field of view fuelled a depression that left her vulnerable to herself and the world she had carefully avoided.

Even if you trade recklessness for calculation, through cautious independence, we close our own doors. She is the four.

(Warning Implied death/suicide)

old oontz dog seeks low stress platform to share cathartic dark electronic music with no commercial potential and the nerdy low tech behind the scenes process...

Operating primarily as for a few decades, still making themed releases and not "bangers".

Hate googletube, facespace and bird. So please steal my catalogue at: