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What where or why would you click to hear audio works? This place is great for posting imagery but where would you prefer to click out to for av? Trying to not use anything googs tho i see lots of yt links to non masto artists. bandcamp and souncloud have analytics to be blocked but are these preferred by those that want to find tunes here? What am I missing for the multimedia and audio based artists?

Options opinions workarounds discussions? @Curator ?

@controlfreak Whenever I have something new to just share, I fire off a Dropbox link, but when I drop some tunes for sale soon, it'll just be a bandcamp storefront.

@Ratttz yeah my whole back catalogue is on bandcamp for free or donation and honestly in a week of being nobody on masto its been better traffic for cool ppl giving my tunes a go than say a month being a 'somebody' on facespace etc. just feels a might clunky dropping a bandcamp link so trying to gauge what folk prefer.

@controlfreak I mean, this is as much a bug for you as an artist as it is a feature for everybody else but: Masto is just focused around people and not selling shit or gaming some sort of social capital deal.

Which makes selling stuff a little vulnerable and personal but I'd rather that over the unending barrage of birdsite.

@Ratttz Just trying to give away my cc audio art and as a person share some of the process and story. my concern and questions on best options in masto is that sharing cathartic work for health shouldnt be pegged as selling just because its tunes. other forms seem quite accepted linking to monetised platforms so they can live or even digital panhandle nothing shared. Im only seeking the sharing and people part hence still excited about masto.

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