OMG, this free-software (GPLv3) client for Spotify is rad!

It is called spotify-qt. It connects to Spotify through spotifyd (not built-in), which is a free-software (GPLv3) daemon that uses the free-software (MIT) library librespot, which comes from reverse engineering the already deprecated, proprietary libspotify.

Librespot apparently downloads music directly from Spotify's CDN using a symmetric key. I have yet to inspect the source code further, but so far it seems it doesn't use any proprietary DRM technology, which would be cool.

@avalos would

Will line this up for awesome-humane-tech list..

Would love to see an alternative for #Android. Spotify has a bunch of trackers there and needs a metric ton of permissions. Plus the UI is crap and tries to lead you to all kinds of stuff I'm not interested in.

@humanetech @avalos
"In 2019, at a tech panel in New York, an independent musician named Ashley Jana asked Jim Anderson, a former Spotify executive, a simple question: Why are Spotify’s per-stream payments so low? “Spotify was created to solve a problem,” Anderson shot back, seething. “The problem was this: piracy and music distribution. The problem was … not to give you money, okay?”"

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