fedifriends assemble

I am looking for some help with a fediverse centric media project.

Needing some volunteers to do some voice and narration for some reusable project collateral as well as some weekly micro theatric readings. 5-15 minutes /week max. You don't need a "radio" voice, would love some variety and enthusiam.

Not announcing more public but happy to spill proverbial beans to interested parties.

@arturcoelho there is a bit a material to record for basic info about the show itself, intros, segments, closing, etc

and there will be regular microfiction readings interspersed in each episode of varying genres and feelings

@controlfreak I'm game, if you're still looking for input!

@controlfreak Hey there, I would really like to volunteer if I can. I have a bit hectic life at times, but I would love to hear a bit more about the project and what has to be recorded.

@controlfreak I literally have a radio voice, I'm a licensed radio amateur :alex_laugh:

Let me know if I can help!

@controlfreak if you ever need a weird Welsh/Scouse/Sicilian voice sound (or done with etiquette and stage experience, eg Anglacized to all hell), then I'm always up for new projects like this.


Happy to record more if you have any bits left undone...after others get to play. :)

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