I don't actively hate Marky Mark, and it's probably not his fault. But these capitalist imperialist bootlicking "action" movies normalising US exceptionalism murdering all fabricated others are sloppy hilarious. "collecting all ssd drives now" immediately grabs a pile of chonking big physical platter drives. Job 1 normalise state murder and surveillance. Job 57 continuity...

@controlfreak I haven't seen that movie but from your description, it's not a coincidence that Mark Wahlberg / Marky Mark is starring.

If you don't actively hate him yet, give a read to

#racism #whitesupremacism #movies #actor

@pixelflowers well damn never seen his wikipedia only his unintentional comedy music video. added to the piece of crap file. Classic little man violent tendancies with a solid dose of racism, he is indeed PERFECT for crappy murcan imperialist state murder flicks.

can i still sing step by step starring donnie? Im afraid to look at jordans wikipedia now...

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