the bell tolls for thee...

Signals – Grace Under Pressure – Power Windows – Hold Your Fire have always been my holy quartet!

I was brought up in the 70s drumming to Rush and I still love it to this day, and still drum along like a kid. But that specific chunk in the 80s especially lit me up as an artist and an activist. I didn’t give a second thought in swapping Hold Your Fire and Nitzer Ebb That Total Age cassettes in and out of my deck cause fuck yeah!


I miss my dad something fierce, he always supported any strange and wonderful genre I wanted to dip my toe in. He’d always find a way to not minimise me if I heard something interesting even in the most mundane or even some of the most challenging listens. He hustled to get the inquisitive kid still in intermediate school a pro synth and never ever yelled at me for rewiring shit or drumming at the dinner table.

Stay vertical out there…

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