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Are you a creative or advocate and need some help or want to offload a segment of the nerd crap that gets in your way?

I want to provide cheap help overarching design and research or routine. Here is the why and the what on this mutual benefit:

While I am a garlic farmer that makes angry industrial music, I am also a well spoken battle hardened veteran of IT, media, advocacy and the arts. I'd love to help creative and ethical folks in meaningful projects.

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It's what I have to give. Just added some updates to most of my 20+ year catalogue able to grab in multiple formats using no social platform at all. Use your cash to support community and family, take my noise as a soundtrack to action.!hFVmSaba!jaGJhzVq3r

Whether uplifting or in justified rage, let's make some noise together in and

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sorry not sorry its all gonna be the booty bass, miami bass, and terrible sample laden hot garbage power hour on @tilderadio starting soon...

ride out like its 1990

my second favourite super group album ever! Nailbomb - Point Blank - 1994

such relax. many chill.

it was -4 at 8am so sensibly I did some remote IT from under a blanket. but the sun came out, so we spent the day on winter maintenance. oiled and ran all the small motors to keep them in shape. greased the big tractor. sharpened all the blade hand tools and hawks. shifted the visiting sheep to the back paddocks. patched some driveway gravel. brought in firewood and retreated from the sun going behind the hill.

hooray for little victories OR death by 1000 paper cuts, thin margin.

just reviewing for science some peak big label money 90s drivel in jessica simpson i think im in love with you which you think is bad enough but the john couger mellonball sample is itch inducing. anyway for all that money and peak bubblegum pre ubiqitous interwebs big label hayday cloat there are quite a few horrendous plosives in the vocals. sloppy

"We bide our time, stay afloat
Keepin' the dying light exposed
I never asked to know, I never lied
So I could keep you on my side"

III Odyssey of the Mind from Die Krupps - 1995

if you skip a single track on this gem you should have your cookie stolen in broad daylight. change my mind.

fuckin metalmorphisis come on!

I'm giving this music video streaming site a go. If you are in a band, have ever been in a band, have some kind of music project, or make music as a hobby and have videos you make to go along with your music please upload them here:

Feel free to share with any music friends of yours that have music videos they may want to add to the rotation.

*** reminder! ***

On June 10th we'll be participating in FundOSS, a new way to support our work and to supercharge your contributions through a $75,000 matching pool.

Find out more at

Guide for contributors:

dj controlfreak is now streaming live - controlfreak carbon life forms on aNoNradio

sets shows music production wave jamming

If you have $4 and like cyberpunk, help me put some food in my kids' mouths!
"This is secretly the greatest and also funniest cyberpunk point and click adventure game on Steam. Very low-fi art style but the gags are just too good to pass up, and a lot closer to a "real" cyberpunk dystopian future than most favorites of the genre."

amigos. anyone have a recent pbp usb-c dock with bad video? the forums are pretty sparse.

doesn't seem to wake up even on devices other than . tried 3 machines and 4 screens. @PINE64

usb and kind of ethernet work in only one usb-c plug orientation, hdmi works in neither

I don't actively hate Marky Mark, and it's probably not his fault. But these capitalist imperialist bootlicking "action" movies normalising US exceptionalism murdering all fabricated others are sloppy hilarious. "collecting all ssd drives now" immediately grabs a pile of chonking big physical platter drives. Job 1 normalise state murder and surveillance. Job 57 continuity...

tonite!! after CCVES with DJ Marcus! Please tune in 0100-0200 UTC

then after the Intergalactic Wasabi is DJ @controlfreak !! 👏👏👏👏

to tune in go to:

chat with us on IRC!

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