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It's what I have to give. Just added some updates to most of my 20+ year catalogue able to grab in multiple formats using no social platform at all. Use your cash to support community and family, take my noise as a soundtrack to action.!hFVmSaba!jaGJhzVq3r

Whether uplifting or in justified rage, let's make some noise together in and

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From the not ready for it to be that old files...

Approximately biannually I make a post espousing the supreme end-to-end perfection of the album The White Room by The

It is the apex blend of piss take, underground, culture jamming, selling out and straight pop with thoroughly outstanding studio, sampling and synth work.

Guess what, in March it turns 30 YEARS OLD!

If you don't heart the klf may I as always cordially invite you to GET OF MY LAWN.

I'm LIVE on @tilderadio now

Please enjoy an inane mix of industrial, latin freestyle, classic rave, tbd and always the threat of devolving into a wilson philips banger

tune in


do you like 80s synth, industrial dance, latin freestyle, classic rave, wilson philips, soulfy? you're weird.

I'm live on @tilderadio at the top of the hour 0200 UTC


We are 1 hour away from The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour streaming #live on #Tilderadio from 01:00-02:00 UTC (9-10PM EDT) but before that please tune in to DJ Marcus @mnw show "Creative Commons Valence Electron Show" from 0000-0100 UTC!

To listen:


We will be on IRC during the live show so log on and chat away! ✌️


#tilde #tildeverse #InternetRadio #electronicmusic

I'm happy to see searching getting better. Hesitent to put content up again having had it wiped from 3 closed instances so far...cost of early adoption? the paradox of lack of critical mass vs lack of content? I'm not adverse to self hosting but I also feel that's a bit inefficient. Maybe next week...

Are you leveraging better/wider searching and/or new apps for peertube specific content? How we feeling out there?

Pepe's Game Show is the only semi redeeming segment on the lazy written, lazy voiced, stupidly piggy heavy Muppets Now "show". I realise it'd been hard to do a proper theatre style production in the age of covid but I think the real reason it sucks and is jerky is Disney are cheap and shitty. Fuck them. As a grumpy old man who loved the original show and gathering with my dads bandmates to watch effectivly an adult variety show kids could enjoy, this shit is loud and nuance no craft.

Anyone with a failing to get any kind of charge?

Ive tried all sorts of charge banks, wall warts, chargers on plug packs using both the weird pin cable and micro usb. No lights, no boot.


I'm spinning LIVE now on @tilderadio

do you like 80s synth, industrial dance, latin freestyle, classic rave, wilson philips, soulfy? you're weird. I'm back from sick leave, let's do this...

do you like 80s synth, industrial dance, latin freestyle, classic rave, wilson philips, soulfy? you're weird. I'm back from sick leave, get weird with me spinning live on @tilderadio in an hour at 0200 UTC

Pls join us on The Intergalactic Wasabi Hour with me, snowdusk, livestreaming right now on Tilderadio!

To listen:


this one is called: future figs and chillis yay

I get pretty angry at ludicrously priced shitty aluminium or pvc "greenhouses" on toxic treated timber bases so i just framed my own with macrocarpa from 2nds and 3rds grade mostly junk. back solid wall already on but didnt shoot that this week. rest gets wrapped in heavy growers film.

so like i said. lost my full time contract so semi retired. been real sick with middle ear thing. something never really shared in the verse is that I have an organic market garden. what? you think garlic doesnt love my fine mix of 80s latin freestyle and any act with a cavelera brother in it? pshhh

one of my latest art installations, in my best homer voice, "THATS NOT ART ITS DIRT THAT PUSHED ME OVER THE EDGE!"

I give you: potential potato...two

oh hai verse. I've not been remixing, or djing, being generally obscure on the verse or giving you amazing tracks to discover from my top 7 songs with cowbell for a good month or two. Ive been not covid really sick. I dont mind telling you about benign middle ear disorders. silent shout out to my crew out there. new meaning to my old adage imploring you to "stay vertical"

my favourite comic label, now a fabulous addition to my

semi-retired now. get rdy for pics

Exciting day! #owncast v0.0.2 has been released! It includes a lot of updates that position us to continue to push forward into new features.

Such a great group of people worked on this, and I’m lucky to get a chance to work on it with them. If you want to join us and contribute for #hacktoberfest, now its a great time to do so as we start today on our path to 0.0.3!

nerds, @PINE64 , verse lend me your ear

Holy shirt is the built nice. Love it. I have never mesed with arch, ever, but manjaro for arm is solid cant wait to drive some more distros.

cant emphasise how much i like footprint, weight, the keys, the metal. Kinda poos touchpad but i hate even "nice ones". Speakers are wholly usable. Easily been able to make this a dev workspace, basic av editing, media consumer, web.

pic is only improvement Ive required. Np

from the well I guess I was ready for it to be that old but I don't have to like the fact files...

30 years old!

was and still is one of my favourite intros ever.

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