For I wanted to work more on selectively smudging in instead of just blurring. Added some overlay effects to help add some texture overall. are fun to paint.

Got these super tiny journals (65x105mm/2.5x4.25") to keep in my pocket or at my desk for even less pressure on drawing and more practice anywhere using any pen/pencil on hand. Should be fun!

More doodling in to make some textured rolling hills? Waves? Folds? I’ll leave that up to the audience.

Hand holding marble thing. (I’m really good at naming pictures.)

A recent thing. No idea where I was going with it originally. But it turned into a sunset water beach thing.

Hi! Here’s my
I’m a Minneapolis based nerd and dad. Motion designer by trade, photographer and draw-er by hobby. Trying to make a better habit out of the hobbies. No clear style or POV yet, but no need to rush it either.


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