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Hey dudes! I'm Kaitlin. I draw comics about werewolves and Monsters.
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A Galilea commission for a friend! It’s been too long since I’ve sat down and traditionally inked this much.

I’ve been really digging Ghost’s new album so I had to draw some Cardinal Copia fanart.

I've been messing around with a cleric design in my free time. I don't think he's gonna get used for the game we had planned. ): Maybe some day! I based his clothes off of Bloodborne stuff and Papa Emeritus III from Ghost.

This was for an art trade with a battlebuddy! I've been doing mail to a friend art trades with some friends. I don't get to play with markers much.

I abandoned finishing this piece bc I got bored. These are two of my D&D characters, Pickle and Torment.

I got to try drawing on my friend's ipad pro last month. I wasn't sure what to draw so I drew my dog... hahaha!

Working on weretrucker stuff and just really dug how this face was turning out. U:

I've been playing in my free time recently. Majima is my favorite... I think he's everyone's favorite tbqh?

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I've been traveling a lot the past couple weeks so here's a majima I drew in a sketchbook while I was out and about.

I can't believe we made it to 2 years! These two made me very happy when I was super depressed.

My half-orc Monk, Pickle, got turned into a giant gorilla by our team's wizard in D&D last night. I think boss battles may end up being way too much fun as a giant tanky gorilla. lmao.

Commission for a friend of their half-orc/half-ogre, Hagar!

I’ve been doodling dumb cat memes in a sketchbook of characters. Ogata is one of my faves but he’s kind of an ass.

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I started reading and it's like the best thing ever. I like Ogata bc he's a smug bastard.

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