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Calais in the night, checking on the roots. (Calais is from my comic Cocoon!)

Here's a little preview~ Calais in a night/autumn forest. I'll post the whole thing tomorrow!

I made a process video of page 35 (from the latest update) in which Rhone casts some intense magic! I might make these sometimes so I can share stuff more regularly.

🤗 Hi people! I'm Emily (she/her) and I draw queer fantasy comics. My current webcomic is Cocoon, updating with 5 pages on Saturday mornings! Sorcerers deal with new magic in their peaceful valley, and things go sideways. All over.

Magic happens in today's Cocoon update. Check it out and try out the new reaction faces on the bottom of the page (I'm trying stuff out)

Here's a panel from the latest update of Cocoon. Occitainie is veryyy interesting in Calais.
(You can read from the beginning here if you haven't yet:

Today's art is a new background I had to draw for Cocoon. I added a whole section and needed a cliff in autumn.

More zoo art! Trumpeted Hornbills this time- these two were really quite the pair! I didn't draw this on site, just from a sketch.

Went drawing outside at the zoo yesterday. Got 3 gorillas over the 50 minutes while I was drawing (one popped in right at the end).

Check it out- new comic time!!
Follow a band of sorcerers living in a secluded valley as they deal with new magical forces in the making!

Preview for my new comic- releasing Saturday! :) get hype and sooth yourself after the hideous election cycle.

Sorry about the inactivity- I got real busy with a cold and then the decision to move forward on the site redesign. Enjoy some acnl doggos!

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