Occitanie takes some notes on this week's update of Cocoon. Don't let the color scheme fool you, I still manage to use lots of purple in this week's update.
Check out the pages here - comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

@blaizikin95 oof, I feel myself regressing to middle school just looking at one

@pentaro I use it & love it! I overuse keyboard shortcuts, and CSP lets me use them like crazy. I also really like how it lets me have many brush tools with different categories in them, all full of different brushes. (ie, a "pen" tool with my comic pens in one subgroup, and then sketching pens in another.)

Here's some more random hands. Just felt like it. I've gotta draw some chrysanthemums pretty soon for Cocoon...

Corse, uh, gets stabbed by a tree this week in Cocoon.
And someone else is back! Check out the update to find out who:

(cw if you don't want to see a branch stab someone)

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