Here's the final update of Cocoon. I really enjoyed working on it and especially found it to be my path to sanity in the last stretch.
So here you go: the last 10 pages.

Calais stands on a big root-hand-thing this week because I won't stop drawing hands! I refuse!
Check out the update over here-

All my angry children get ready to handle the big tree they don't like:
(This is the third to last Cocoon update!)

As always, I'll take any chance I can to draw hands!
Enjoy a deep dive into the crazy mind of Bretagne this week...

This week, Benefica enters the forest of the mind...
(and I break the magic system permanently! who cares anymore!)
Check out the new pages here-

Mushroom counting and then some unhappy stuff that has nothing to do with mushrooms, all in this week's Cocoon update.

Hey everybody. Sorry for the late post about the new Cocoon update. Please go ahead and enjoy the five new pages!

Just showing off another full page again from Cocoon- find out why a bunch of buff guys are coming after young Languedoc:

Here's a page I'm just really, really happy with. Had to wait for the buffer to catch up.
Check out the full update here:

Lorraine gets.... very wet in this week's update. She also does her best to fight! Her very best!
Check it out here:

Just gonna put the first page of Cocoon's update here... I'm pretty happy with all five pages. I was waiting for a long time to draw this! (300+ pages, to be exact.)
Check them out here:

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