I'm starting my studies off today, with my incredibly reflective toaster. I swear, you could use this as a mirror. Beside it, we have a random lemon (or was it an orange?) and the butter dish.
I thought I would hate our kitchen tile but it turned out to be a fun challenge.

Here's the final update of Cocoon. I really enjoyed working on it and especially found it to be my path to sanity in the last stretch.
So here you go: the last 10 pages. comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

Auvergne heads into the valley this week on Cocoon. This is the second to last update of part 1!!! oh my word!!
Go check it out ->

This week on Cocoon-- lots of chrysanthemums and vines that took a lot to draw 🍃
Check out the pages here, they are some of the craziest for part 1 of Cocoon: comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

Occitanie takes some notes on this week's update of Cocoon. Don't let the color scheme fool you, I still manage to use lots of purple in this week's update.
Check out the pages here - comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

Here's some more random hands. Just felt like it. I've gotta draw some chrysanthemums pretty soon for Cocoon...

Corse, uh, gets stabbed by a tree this week in Cocoon.
And someone else is back! Check out the update to find out who:

(cw if you don't want to see a branch stab someone)

A little whimsical ink/watercolor piece from this past weekend. I forgot how happy silly little things and bright greens make me.

Today, the cocoon hatches! Meet our new friend: comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo
Guyane is fun to draw, but still hard just because I have to think of how zer body works each time.

Occitanie floats down the river~ I had fun working on this and obviously I love purple/blue a bit too much. hehe.

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