Thanks for the hands, @noahbradley
I decided that since people think hands are hard to draw, I would just go ahead and force myself to include them all the time in comics, drawings.
So of course I'd go and use the hands for just... drawing hands....

Since I've recently posted the pages of Cocoon including Picardie's journey through the countryside to Diora, I felt like drawing something related.
And yeah, I was feeling the blue this time.

The purple returns! Oh goodness I love purple too much.

(Looking Between the Trees in a Frozen Forest)

Amayrllis and Cat.
The character is one I made for a comic but the story is jumbled, so it's not on the burner now.

Calais is still wondering about their feelings in this week's Cocoon, but we've also got some new characters showing up this week!
Check it out on my site:

A somewhat modern Medusa! I'm doing and loved this pose from I think day 1. So I turned it into an illustration. 😃

(not so painful after all!)

legit called this file "ugghhh" because that's my feeling right now about these pants

I'm just flat out sharing page 71 of this week's Cocoon update. If my work on this page doesn't convince you to check it out, your loss I guess.

A little whimsical ink/watercolor piece from this past weekend. I forgot how happy silly little things and bright greens make me.

Here's last week's illustration. I'm overall pretty happy with this one, especially given that I didn't start with much of an idea.
Full title is "The Letter You Sent at the Dawn of Winter"

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