Occitanie takes some notes on this week's update of Cocoon. Don't let the color scheme fool you, I still manage to use lots of purple in this week's update.
Check out the pages here - comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

Here's some more random hands. Just felt like it. I've gotta draw some chrysanthemums pretty soon for Cocoon...

Corse, uh, gets stabbed by a tree this week in Cocoon.
And someone else is back! Check out the update to find out who:

(cw if you don't want to see a branch stab someone)

Cocoon is back! Time for the beginning of what was a fun scene to draw. I'm excited for what's coming, I hope you are too!
Read it here: comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo

I'm back with a fun drawing.
I took walks in the canyon nearby and all these yellow flowers were blooming... it was such a nice proper spring day.

The kids find a bird on this week's update! And they also fight about how to make bird noises.
Check out the pages here- comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo
and you can read the rest of the comic there too.

here's a nice doodle from a picture I took on my morning hike 🏞️

Time to find that lost kid!
Check the new pages out here- comicsbyemily.com/cocoon/cocoo
(I went crazy having fun working on the values for these pages, and then when I checked them to upload, I barely changed a thing! Hooray!)

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