Giraffes! I didn't love these guys but I drew them for the first time a few years ago (for like 3 hours or so) and started to really like them. I didn't expect a lot from this piece but ended up really liking it.

A few things happen on this week's Cocoon update, mainly related to Occitanie suffering.
Check out the pages here:

and no surprise to anyone, I painted the eagles again! I added a bit of pen work to this painting, I just didn't feel like trying to add another layer of darker color.

A lot going on in this illustration. I had like five ideas and pretty much worked them together? But this sort of craziness is also just what happens when I get fed up with my colds.

A "draw this in your style" challenge from Instagram (specifically, lanajay_art)
I can't pass up on plants... and pretty girls I suppose...

Occitanie leaves home, forever. It will be a while before I get to this point in the comic- but I really wanted to test the all-yellow palette. I'm pleased.

Cocoon update! This time, Auvergne and Picardie have a nice chat about expectations and other stuff, all in the nice morning sun.
Check out Cocoon here:

I went and drew the big eagles at the zoo last week. One of them sat in their little pond and it made just the perfect composition

And thus, Pepper spent more time braiding her hair than she meant to, just to get Anise's attention a few more times before the party...

Here's my 2018 year in review: plenty of comics, (like 4?) and some illustration towards the end. Hopefully next year I can do two of these: one of comics, one of illustrations! (Maybe one of watercolor??? or is that too much to ask?) 🎨 :mastoart:

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Merry Christmas to those who celebrate. Here's Alsace and Lorraine hanging out near a big tree.

Today, the cocoon hatches! Meet our new friend:
Guyane is fun to draw, but still hard just because I have to think of how zer body works each time.

Occitanie floats down the river~ I had fun working on this and obviously I love purple/blue a bit too much. hehe.

Hand studies! Each was 5 minutes, I did 6 but I liked these two the best. I'm working to slow down and spend time getting things right. I'm finding studies to be a good way to just work away.

This week in Cocoon: Calais stares at their past self and Picardie has some real talk with them. Check the five new pages here:

Calais in the night, checking on the roots. (Calais is from my comic Cocoon!)

Here's a little preview~ Calais in a night/autumn forest. I'll post the whole thing tomorrow!

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