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🤗 Hi people! I'm Emily (she/her) and I draw queer fantasy comics. My current webcomic is Cocoon, updating with 5 pages on Saturday mornings! Sorcerers deal with new magic in their peaceful valley, and things go sideways. All over.

I tried making a blender donut today to start using 3D for future comic backgrounds... but the donut is gray in render? I tried removing the material and remaking it, but that did nothing. Ugh.
Anyone know why? Or am I going crazy? (The top right is the render window, I just took an easy screenshot.)

Time to read 60 pages about student assessment. :oof:
Anyone remember a particularly good (or bad) test/paper/assignment? I'd love to hear about it so I can learn for my future students!

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The A in LGBTQIA+ stands for asexuality

Allies do not get to inject themselves into a marginalized demographic for virtue signaling purposes. Replacing the ace representation with "allies" is quite possibly the most backhanded action a so called ally could take

Some cloud studies. I'm working on studies now that I've got some time.
I took my own reference pictures this time, just stopping in place on morning runs when there were nice clouds.

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Schools should be places where kids can get food for free

I've been doing face studies as warmups in the morning before I work on Cocoon.
Really liked this one from a few days ago.

You ever have a time... when you're supposed to go to class in a few hours but have no Zoom link or information from the professor???

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I keep forgetting to post old art but like. Dragon form Solus? Dragon form solus.
I have so many other dragon art that I still need to finish and just take away from BEING a sketch. send help

Jumped back to master studies today. I've had a folder just waiting for me for a few months now.
First is a study of Castagneto's "Afternoon in Toulon"
Second is Spencer's "Across the Delaware."
Both have interesting reflection and water techniques that could merit a longer study.

Never thought my parents would like TikTok... but here they are, praising it. The world only gets stranger every day.

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Follow up poll:
Black and/or Indigenous person, what does BIPOC mean to you?
(White ppl/nonBlack, nonIndigenous people boost, don’t vote!)

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Oh boy I have an oral final exam in 20 minutes on zoom.
This is gonna be weird, isn't it?

Did some pencil sketching last weekend by just grabbing a random plant and did my best. We have too many plants.

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Uhhh Clip Studio Paint is going to be on sale until the 23rd.

Its just $25 right now for the standard pro version 👀

Dang it, there's a typo in the image description. The last bit should be:
The first character says, "I will win on my own. Leave me."
Gah, I spelled own wrong. Gah.

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Hey everybody. Sorry for the late post about the new Cocoon update. Please go ahead and enjoy the five new pages!

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