Making a D&D character for the first time! I'm joining a campaign partway through, so the armor has PLOT SIGNIFICANCE. hehehe.

From yesterday's page- a younger Calais not so sure of what they've done...

Corse + their story. Learned a neat trick of putting panels behind a character to make for an interesting character debut.

a few panels from today's page! No one is happy. (wow, sounds like one of my comics...what a surprise...)

I'm back, with a new drawing of a location in my comic Cocoon. This is (duh) the Cocoon.

Another Tuesday, another drawing of the world of my next comic! Here's the greenhouse in its initial state, in the summer. I've got 2 interior plans for this place + 3 seasonal adjustments out the window...

Starting page layouts tomorrow! All my color schemes for this comic are set, at least for the first part. First part has 32 schemes/palettes, of which two have a split lighting scheme.😄

Here's another interior. This one has two storage elements- a tree trunk and a leaf-inspired ottoman. Plus, there's a hatch to an area beneath the floor...

A peek into a home of a character in my next comic. I had to design a bunch of little homes with similar materials but different vibes. I'll share more through the week (here's hoping I remember.)

I'm back with some new location drawings. (Yes, they are for a new comic!)

My new comic is out now! Check it out!! :) To Become a Witch focuses on the cost of Egg's desire to become a witch and those around her who try to stop her...

here's preview number 2 of my new comic coming Friday! Pancake makes little flying robots with her magic skills. Get excited!

Meet Waffle, a serious-minded potion witch. You can read my new comic, To Become a Witch, starting this Friday!
Get excited to see Waffle and others in action.

Eris from Moonlighter! Enjoying the game and of course I had to draw the character who gets lost in books :) I took the chance to play with some masks & gradients too.

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