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πŸ€— Hi people! I'm Emily (she/her) and I draw queer fantasy comics. My current webcomic is Cocoon, updating with 5 pages on Saturday mornings! Sorcerers deal with new magic in their peaceful valley, and things go sideways. All over.

I gave in to my desires- and added 50 pages to my comic length. Just felt like the story was expanding and I wanted to include some details. Feels great, if only because staying in the space of "everything's possible!" feels great.

As expected, lesson planning takes a long time when the district gives you incorrect Google slides presentations.
It's getting in the way of drawing...

I swear the amount of giggling I've done while working on this comic is much more than any other comic.
I hope that's a good sign.

Environment development is done... changed 2 pages to make it more fun in the process. (cackles)
Next up is practicing characters in those locations. Especially sitting poses.

Got plenty done this weekend! Hurrah!
I even went ahead and made the layout and color plan for the hardest scene (inside a kitchen good store).
Never shall I force one of my characters to work retail, if only to avoid drawing stores.

Got more color prep done today.
Then I realized I haven't given any thought to one location yet. At all. So that's the plan for tomorrow.

It's 99 here, and the weather is "smokey."
I hate that fire season is all year now.

Managed to do a bunch of location prep today and yesterday. Still have plenty left- typical of my work.
The good news is that I did a lot of it in 3D already- and did some thinking about colors back when I wasn't on zoom all day.
(I need to stop thinking only about the last few pages though! They're all important!)

elementary school on zoom is a special form of heck.
we can't keep this up.

I'm in Zoom from 8:30 to 3:30 today. If I'm still mentally alive after that, hopefully I can do some color plans.
I really need schools to reopen so that I'm not in zoom all day.

I started doing some face studies back in late May. Just one a morning, but not every morning.
Here's my progress (from mid-June to a few days ago.)
Let this be proof that just putting in the time and learning will serve you well, if you just trust it.

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It's back to school time... back to RULE SCHOOL πŸ‘©β€πŸ«β—

Here's a periodic reminder of some of .Art's rules!

Content that has to be under a cw with description AND posted unlisted or private:
πŸ‘‰ Sexual acts
πŸ‘‰ Sexual nudity
πŸ‘‰ Kink art

Content that has to be under a cw with description but can be posted publicly:
πŸ‘‰ General nudity
πŸ‘‰ Gore/Blood/Violence

"I have a lot of art I want to share!"
Cool! But don't flood the local timeline, we want everyone to be seen. πŸ˜„


I usually hate still lifes, but focusing on the metal and all the color present works well for me.

I'm starting my studies off today, with my incredibly reflective toaster. I swear, you could use this as a mirror. Beside it, we have a random lemon (or was it an orange?) and the butter dish.
I thought I would hate our kitchen tile but it turned out to be a fun challenge.

My main issue is that I'm student teaching and taking 4 classes from September to December. That's a lot on my plate, and I know that I won't be able to draw as much. Thus, my expectations are lower in quantity terms, but I plan to push myself quality-wise.

So I'll be doing this. I already started my next comic in July and am done with thumbnails. My plan for September is to do a lot of studies and other preparation- color plans, clothing changes, and whatnot.
Then I can start on pages when I'm ready!

Here's the final update of Cocoon. I really enjoyed working on it and especially found it to be my path to sanity in the last stretch.
So here you go: the last 10 pages.

I'm so frustrated with the world right now. I have to take a big test today and just put it all aside... argh. I just need to pass this darn thing.

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I am fuming. White creators, STOP repackaging and stepping over the work of Black creators for your own profit. It isn't cute. It isn't funny. It isn't acceptable.

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I encourage yall to subscribe to Alphonso's channel, I recently did and he's so helpful WRT inking. Inking is really hard for me and he makes it so accessible.

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