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🤗 Hi people! I'm Emily (she/her) and I draw queer fantasy comics. My current webcomic is Cocoon, updating with 5 pages on Saturday mornings! Sorcerers deal with new magic in their peaceful valley, and things go sideways. All over.

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Hey artists.

Please don't put dreamcatchers in your art unless it's actively supposed to be about native American spiritualism.

Because I've seen some of you use them for ~aesthetic~ and I'd like to ask you to not.

I don't care how ~dreamy~ your shit is, stop using my culture out of context.

I got a fairly cute Calais coming sometime in Cocoon... hehe.

Started drawing pages for part 2 of Cocoon... and page 225 took an hour and a half to color 😯 what am I getting myself into...

Feeling good, I've got some good stuff for the site update. Drew a new Cocoon banner (part 2 starts in a month!?) today. Feels good to be back at the computer, drawing away the time.

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the other news is that I'm redoing the homepage of my site, as if teaching coding for 10 days wasn't enough for me 😅

Hi everyone, especially those new people here! I've got the latest update of Cocoon up for reading, and this week we hit page 200!!!
Check out the new pages here-

whew, one more day of heavy work and then I can get back to art!!
(I do think I did some good work this week, I had some students who got really excited about coding which is lovely)

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Seeing all the new people makes me want to get some more art on here, if only I wasn't working a 50-hour week this week (cries gently in overtime pay)
Next week! Hopefully. I will get some more art besides Cocoon pages.

This week on Cocoon-- lots of chrysanthemums and vines that took a lot to draw 🍃
Check out the pages here, they are some of the craziest for part 1 of Cocoon:

I switched brushes yesterday for my figure studies and it's given me some new energy 🌟

I've been doing a lot of figure drawing lately. A bunch of poses every day, figuring out a lot. I don't share since it's just sketchy stuff without much refinement. But it's pretty great to feel the improvement every day.

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