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🤗 Hi people! I'm Emily (she/her) and I draw queer fantasy comics. My current webcomic is Cocoon, updating with 5 pages on Saturday mornings! Sorcerers deal with new magic in their peaceful valley, and things go sideways. All over.

The kids find a bird on this week's update! And they also fight about how to make bird noises.
Check out the pages here-
and you can read the rest of the comic there too.

yesss, these pages I'm working on this week are going to be so nice

Value studies are going well, it sure makes me feel like I gotta step up my value game in my comics

here's a nice doodle from a picture I took on my morning hike 🏞️

Time to find that lost kid!
Check the new pages out here-
(I went crazy having fun working on the values for these pages, and then when I checked them to upload, I barely changed a thing! Hooray!)

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Time to get back to working on some hands... but I get the feeling the flowers are going to be more annoying....

Thanks for the hands, @noahbradley
I decided that since people think hands are hard to draw, I would just go ahead and force myself to include them all the time in comics, drawings.
So of course I'd go and use the hands for just... drawing hands....

Since I've recently posted the pages of Cocoon including Picardie's journey through the countryside to Diora, I felt like drawing something related.
And yeah, I was feeling the blue this time.

The purple returns! Oh goodness I love purple too much.

(Looking Between the Trees in a Frozen Forest)

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