today I have been using a V-bit for cnc engraving brass. It is going better than expected!

this is for a physical machine about "spoon theory," an idea created by disability activist Christine Miserandino to illuminate how those with chronic illness only have a certain amount of energy to do things in a day.

it is broadly applicable to energy in general--we only have a fixed amount of it each day, and it is okay to choose how it is spent.


in my machine version, a small meter reads 0-5. It starts at 5, and each time you pull its chain, the number goes down by 1. The number is only replenished by waiting. It goes up every 4.8 (24/5) hours, so you get 5 "spoons" a day.

Here it is seen before and after some weathering. I want this machine to reflect both the durability of the spoon theory idea, as well as the hard-earned experience of those practicing it.

@combs When you pull the chain...does a spoon come out?
I have found this theory very helpful in life; it's cool to see physical and interactive artwork made about it.

@AesAthena Ha! Or it'd be cool if you had to insert a spoon in order to pull it!

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