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tap-tap-tap. is this tusk on? Hi, I'm Chris! I make interactive and time-based wood, metal, and found-object sculptures, which both embrace and question technology. and they, like, glow and stuff ✨😊


years of community building yet no real world use found for a memes channel

wanted to create a collaborative knowledge database anyway, for a laugh? we had something for that it was called a WIKI

these are REAL discords created by REAL developers

they have played us for absolute fools

If you ever want free, small, rechargeable lithium cells, collect some of those disposable e cigarettes. Bonus: you keep this nasty stuff out of landfills! Tell your friends and fam not to buy these things! Terrible e-waste

The light switch by our front door has this row of programmable multi-color LEDs, and I set it up to reflect the latest regional covid-in-wastewater numbers on an exponential scale. So right now it looks like this...

hey, anyone know what this is? I found it out walking the other day.

I thought at first it might be part of a small truck's wheel hub assembly, but there are only 3 holes, and it seems like those tend to have 6 or more.


in my machine version, a small meter reads 0-5. It starts at 5, and each time you pull its chain, the number goes down by 1. The number is only replenished by waiting. It goes up every 4.8 (24/5) hours, so you get 5 "spoons" a day.

Here it is seen before and after some weathering. I want this machine to reflect both the durability of the spoon theory idea, as well as the hard-earned experience of those practicing it.

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this is for a physical machine about "spoon theory," an idea created by disability activist Christine Miserandino to illuminate how those with chronic illness only have a certain amount of energy to do things in a day.

it is broadly applicable to energy in general--we only have a fixed amount of it each day, and it is okay to choose how it is spent.

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today I have been using a V-bit for cnc engraving brass. It is going better than expected!

What the fuck, a single bitcoin transaction uses like a 2 megawatt-hours? You could run an entire high speed train for like 100km with that amount of energy.

My studio wall. Labeling everything in preparation for an open studio day this weekend!

LOOK at this amazing vintage scientific glassware a friend gave me!!

I have been cleaning my studio and it is amazing what a fresh coat of paint can do!

This is one of my two workbenches. They were doors.

I am usually working on teeny objects so haven't bolted it down, and it's handy being able to move it around. But I should figure out a nice way to bolt it down that still allows it to move.

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today in QoL improvements: My drill press was leaving rust stains all over my workbench. So I cleaned up its feet, re-lacquered them, and glued on some little felt booties. (Don't worry, the unicorn horn's coming back)

% of my connections vs birdsite: 15%
% of my joy vs birdsite: 9000%

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