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i'm not going to force my six year old son to play football against his will... that's just stupid


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This is interesting:

"The European data-protection supervisor, Giovanni Buttarelli, prefers digital colonialism to surveillance capitalism as his opponent when promoting communitarian approaches where data are managed by collectives in the public interest."


"As India will be data rich before it’s rich in economic terms,(...)"

Its strange how emacs makes me wanna do EVERYTHING in emacs. I know nothing about emacs but it has some kind of voodoo thats keeps pulling me back

hmm im trying to read a epub in emacs with the help of the plugin: nov.el
It doesn't look good and im getting an error: File mode specification error: (wrong-type-argument stringp nil)

... gn!

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Going through things my brain has held me back from doing... Today the shirtprint/phonewallpapers for a #RPG thing happening in Gislaved
(husband-dude who thinks metal aesthetics is dorky went "oh nice, yeah if I where a middle aged nerd who liked death metal I'd think it looked cool" :) )

Today is not a fight.
I don't want to think about the environment, the suffering or the pain that's a realty around that globe. I just want to hold my wife's hand.

Today I just want to hold here hand ❤️

Will have some time to install and configure NeoMutt today. Never tried it before so don´t be a stranger if you know any good online guides

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Easy podcast downloading with GNU parallel


$ cat list-of-links-to-podcast-rss-feeds.txt | parallel j 6 podcast-dl -rs {}



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