i have no idea how to play d&d but i'm playing my first campaign next week in my biggest yolo so heres a ref of my orc paladin

WHo wants to see my handsome pup. here u go

hello! sry i havent been too active, been doing stuff in the real lifes. here's some card anime boys

another supergirl based on one of @/kevinwada's redesigns

i guess there was an earthquake way earlier but i didnt recognize it as one bc i live a little off the freeway and just thought it was a semi making the building rumble again lmao

ever since going vegetarian ive started going more local and buying things from individuals and i got sandalwood body wash and hair stuff and let me tell u i smell AMAZING

watching videos on tattoos just makes me want to go add on more w/ ones i want but money stops me πŸ˜”

we went on a looong hike under a nice overcast LA morning

man the international is legitimately the greatest esport event and the dota community is so extremely blessed to have an amazing grand finals AND with my boy merlini giving us one last cast. couldnt be luckier

Big scruffy beardog can't handle the hot summer weather. πŸ’¦

Sketchpage of my beardog named Mace. He was designed by iHazelis on Furaffinity.

im a qt not a hottie but heres a me and then half a me for πŸ€”

She found the one sunny spot in the house.

smooch collabs w/ my very good and talented friend @plastic_pipes whomst did the sketch and i inked and slapped on some colors

got my new keyboard in today so i can retire my older, dusty, LAN-used keyboard w/ artwork from the legend of korra art book. i'll eventually find some sick key caps

love too draw hands -- from a wip like 7 months in the making lol

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