will ANY show, ever, be as good or as funny as the good place

roll20 icon for my half-dragonborn warlock (based off ghost's 2nd frontman DUH) for my friend's campaign that he's been working on for AT LEAST 4 years ???!?!?!

this was my first foray into armor AND shading/highlighting metal AND uhhhh hammers at an angle. so, many lessons have been learned

my orc and his armor that he is going to take from someone on monday

gettin ready for another dnd character based of papa emeritus II -- this time a half-dragonborn warlock. he's nakey but nothing's showing so im marking it as sensitive just in case

how does anyone actually finish a drawing, my energy for a thing always sputters out after 30 minutes πŸ˜”

close up of a wip for my paladin orc cuz i love this goober's face

drew a different icon for my orc for roll20

went on an adventure today. he is exhausted and so am i

we went for an easy hike to test out his new harness!! i love it

finally had energy to draw yesterday and ofc the first thing i get to work on is some sketches of ghost

i have no idea how to play d&d but i'm playing my first campaign next week in my biggest yolo so heres a ref of my orc paladin

WHo wants to see my handsome pup. here u go

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