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Hello I would like to announce that I can't, I just can't

That is all

I really gotta get more organized in my daily tasks aaaargh

I modeled a Dice (basically just a cube with beveled edges lol), with a really janky texture. Point was to learn how to texture stuff in Blender. I was successful!

Next step is something more complex that would require setting up the UV map manually.

Still learning blender. This looks hella janky and bad but hey it's something, lol.

My first Blender animation. Wow. Much cubes. Such blob.

Custom LED setups are art, too. Finally mounted my LED strips around the wall. Acts as nice camera lighting but can also control it per-pixel through scripts!

Will post a video later tonight when it's darker 🥰

Tried using only basic waveforms and some (artificial) limitations to attempt a weird little console-style sound.

Argent Compressor 1.2.0 is out now! 🎸

This update adds support for Mac's M1 processor (Apple Silicon), plus an additional small performance boost for the UI.

Misstortion 2.2 is out now, with support for Mac M1, an updated interface, and a new "key" option!

As always, Misstortion is available for free 🥰

What the heck, Protonmail just upgraded me to 3 TB of storage instead of the 10 GB I had before 😱

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I need to get some of my organizational tasks in order.. I’m so heckin disorganized lately. Keep forgetting stuff, keep doing things in the wrong order.. is this what ADHD is like 😥

Even in this toot I don’t even know what the point of this post is. It’s a mystery, my mind is a chaos

I just found out about the existance of Wikivoyage: like wikipedia, but for traveling locations, things to see, etc. Kinda cool! Gonna have to remember this one

Switched from Spotify to Apple Music recently (with Cider as a Windows client) and so far I kinda like it. Cider is a bit janky, but otherwise everything exists on Apple Music. 👏

Trying to figure out if I have ADHD.. any thoughts/advice? (aside from going to a doctor immediately I guess)

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